Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A year in review 2014

Better late than never right?  :)

So much happened this month but really the only important one was when we became parents!  (Jenson's birth story Part 1, part 2, and part 3) Do I seriously almost have a 1 year old?! sheesh! 

We got used to life as new parents.  Spent way to much time in the NICU. Lost a lot of sleep. Said good bye to my mom. Grandma and Grandpa Hunt came to visit. Enjoyed lots and lots of cuddles!

Jenson got his first cold that made us really nervous, lots of dr. trips.  My sisters came to town.  We toured around KC.  I surprised my family by flying back with them to Utah!  Jenson's new born pictures.

Jenson turned 3 months.  We took pictures in some of dads old clothes. The first of many trips to the KC zoo. Easter. Moved across town.

Trip to Utah/Idaho.  Jenson's Baby Blessing.  Baby shower for Jenson and I in Idaho.  More zoo trips. Karl came home from his LDS Mission in Japan.  Enjoyed family time.  Brielle turned 23

Trips to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  We updated our Hunt family pictures.  Jenson's first time to a swimming pool.  We went on lots of bike rides.  Tried new yummy recipes! Even got a Zoo pass and suffered through the heat and humidity!

4th of July. Jenson tuned half a year old (video).  We toured around KC with the Watsons. Went to the top of the Liberty Memorial. Multiple craft projects!

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  Jenson got the snip snip.  Found a piano in the trash. Started our summer vacation (Nauvoo and HERE).

Drove to Philadelphia (and HERE) to visit Marsall, Amanda, and Grandpa Hunt.  New York day trip (and HERE).  Ending vacation in Utah (and HERE) and Idaho (and HERE).  Ogden Temple open house.  Ran a 5K.  Jenson got his first big boy hair cut. I babysat my sisters kids for a week while Matt went to school.  

Halloween (and HERE).  Pumpkin patch. Babe turned 27.  Jenson got a big boy carseat.  Updated our family pictures.

Thanksgiving in Texas with the Watsons.  Another big boy hair cut.  Babe ran a Half Marathon.  Jenson 10 months old.

Decorated for Christmas.  Christmas in Utah.  Karl and Natalie's Wedding.  Family time.  

Could this all really happen in just 1 year? Wow!!

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