Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

After hearing so much about Deanna Rose we finally decided to go!  Thanks Lindsay for letting us tag along with you! I can't wait for Jenson to be able to be a little older so he can enjoy this fun place more (even though I love where he is now and am trying not to take that for granted!) Also did I mention that all of the missionaries in our Zone (right?) volunteer there every tuesday! How cool is that?  We are hoping our cousin Jackie, sorry Sister Hunt gets called into our ward (or at least our zone) so we can go and see her here!  
 I may have taken 1 to many pictures of Hailey with these goats but it was just so cute! She was afraid to touch them but would go right up to them and then run away if they started to get closer-hahaha
 ^^ Dang goats kept licking his shoe and trying to suck on his binkie... they might have even sucked on it without me noticing so luckily I had a spare!^^
 ^^ "Look Mom, no hands!"^^
^^ Jillisa (or anyone!) any ideas on easy quick/cute hairstyles that I could do?  I see no point in doing my hair all nice everyday when I go outside and the humidity makes it go all crazy.  But I am running out of ideas-any are welcome!^^
 ^^You're making me hungry... gobble gobble!^^
 I was telling Lindsay earlier that I forget sometimes that I live so far away and I think about how fun all of these little places are around us for kids and I know my little niece and nephews would LOVE them.  It makes me sad to realize that they might not ever be able to go because we do live so far away- lameo! How about a family vacation here this summer-or even next? Any takers? Anyone... Well if we are not a good enough reason for family to come then Deanna Rose {which is FREE BTW} should help out a little! ;) 
Stay tuned for more summer time fun! 

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