Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Matt!

For Babe's birthday this year we decided a trip to the temple (kid free!! holla!) was just what we needed!  We got all fancied up dropped Jenson off with Lindsay and headed out for our night out.  We got to the temple got our stuff and realized our recommends had expired (seriously that has never happened before- how did we just space it?!)  UGH!  So instead of getting to go inside we just walked around outside and took pictures (of course)!  We also discussed each other, how school was going, how to be better parents etc.  It was still so refreshing just being able to talk and enjoy the peace that the temple brings.  I still left feeling refreshed- but next time we will actually be going in.. hahaha

 ^^ Seriously humidity... you can gradually see my hair getting bigger and bigger and going from cute curly to epic fail! ugh!^^
After walking around for a bit we decided we still had some time to stall so we headed to Freddy's for dinner- KID FREE!  haha I forgot how nice it was to eat a hot meal, and get to eat all of it myself!  

I am a quantity over quality type of gal (and Babe is the exact opposite)  It kills me to not see a lot of presents for Babe to open, so I got him a few cheaper gifts to satisfy my need to be a good wife- while still saving up for his big ticket items he wanted instead.
Since he wasn't getting much we opened them when we got back from the temple... He didn't mind waiting but I was dying for him to open them! haha
Shutterfly books of kind of my favorite and what better time to get them then for a birthday? haha
oh and white shirts because you can never have to many ;) 
The next day (his real birthday)  he had to go to school (LAME)  so Jenson and I just hung out around the house until he got home.  

 Poor Jenson just wanted to hold the button, and not take a picture! 

 He got to open one last present on his actual birthday, something he has said he always wanted... nerf guns!  We had fun playing with them until our friends came over for some brownies and ice-cream- Babe's favorite!  
He even got enough birthday money to get what he really wanted (well most of it was birthday money...) a Apple Watch, so of course he went to pick it up when everyone left!  He sure is one spoiled boy- and I wouldn't have it any other way!  
I love birthdays and I love him even more, Happy 28th Birthday Babe! xoxo

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Date Night

 We were trying to think of something fun yet free to do- that we would all enjoy!  We decided that we would finally go and check out so of the local parks around us (Shawnee Mission Park and Antiock Park)  SMP was so big and we ended up just staying in the car the whole time but seriously it was so pretty- and so close to us!

Like seriously?  I can't wait to go back and actually play at the "park"! haha
 When we got to Antiock park we actually got out and went for a nice walk around the park, I am pretty sure everyone else had our idea but it was fun non the less!

 I love spending my time with these 2- they make my heart happy! 

 Since the parks were my idea we let Babe pick something he wanted to do... So off to the Apple store it was.  I don't get why this store is so cool but he was pretty excited to go.  Jenson and I lasted about 5 minutes inside until we went and walked the strip mall to see what else there was to see.  

 We ended up playing in the fountain and taking selfies until Babe was done (forever later...!) ;)  

What a beautiful place we live in with amazing sunrises and sunsets!  Another date night for the books!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sunflower fields

There is this awesome Farmer and his wife (Grinter's) that have a giant field of sunflowers.  They even have a Facebook page and update you on how the sunflowers are and when they are in bloom- and then they let you come and walk around for FREE!  If you pick one they ask that you donate 1$, on the honor system.  AMAZING!  I finally talked Babe into going, even though we were a little late in the game and they were already starting to die.  It was still one of the prettiest things I have ever seen, yellow and green for as far as you could see! 

 I wish we would had taken some family pictures here, because really how beautiful would that back drop be?!  It was like deathly hot though so I guess it was okay we didn't..
 ^^ I spy Babe...^^

 ^^ I spy Jenson! Which yes if he wasn't so loud I am sure we could have lost him in there!^^

Seriously though, Kansas is so pretty!  We might not have mountains but where in Utah can you get this view?! ;)  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baby Bentley Shower

It was so fun planning a baby shower for Jillisa and Baby Bentley with my other sister!  We went with the motorcycle theme and a lot of the decorations worked for her nursery as well! It sure was fun being with our family and friends, eating yummy food,  and celebrating Bentley!  

 ^^ Coolant Station/ refueling station ^^
 ^^ Vroom Vroom Veggies ^^
 ^^ Nuts and Bolts ^^
 ^^ Dip Sticks ^^

 ^^ Mud on the Tires and some Engine Choke (dip) ^^

 ^^ Mud Cupcakes, Spare Tires ^^
 ^^ Ball Bearings ^^

I love these ladies!