Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jenson- 3 Months Old!

I can't believe that 3 months ago I was sitting in the hospital holding my brand new baby.  I will cherish that day forever.  Jenson has such a personality already, he pretty much gets everything he wants because this mamma can't say no to his adorable little face!  
Jenson loves to smile and he is even starting to giggle and it seriously makes my heart melt.  But don't get me wrong he sure has his temper-I am sure our neighbors will agree if you just ask them! {Sorry Walkers!}  He has mastered turning over (from stomach to back) he doesn't really like tummy time so he will just flip over, but he loves sleeping on his stomach, at least for nap time!  I started reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and am trying to get on more of a schedule and sleep train more.  He sleeps most nights from 9-6 (without waking up)  but other nights it's totally random.  He eats about 4 oz every 2-3 hours (he's my big boy!) and trust me you will know when he is hungry, he isn't very patient in waiting for his bottle and when he starts to eat its normally gone in just a few minutes. Jenson LOVES bath time, I can't wait till he starts playing with toys more and can enjoy it even more!  He used to love his car seat but now we are thinking he doesn't really like it because our cry rides he mostly just cries until we take him out. Thankfully my sister let us barrow her baby carrier, which he LOVES and making shopping so much better!  We are thankful every day for the joy {and sometimes frustration} Jenson brings to our lives.  We are learning and growing with him everyday.  
Before we were even pregnant I was helping my MIL clean out some of her old boxes in her basement when we found the jack pot of all jack pots, full of Babe's old clothes.  Some of them were just to cute not to keep (cute meaning he would wear them for a picture, and that's about it!)  I know babe has a few pictures of him in these outfits as well (now we just have to find them...)  so I really wanted to do a side by side picture some day of the two of them in the same outfit {I'm THAT mom...} 
I kept forgetting to take pictures and even though today is really gloomy and rainy outside I had to do it before he got to big and wouldn't fit in them anymore.  So for you enjoyment {not necessarily his...} here they are!  

He has recently discovered his hands and they are ALWAYS in his mouth!
 In case we didn't know Jenson had red hair, thanks to the random lady in Costco that told us that he did.
He also loves to blow spit bubbles and drool like crazy!   
 I LOVE my boys! 

We love you Jenson, happy 3 months! 

Monday, April 21, 2014


Happy Easter!  Holidays with kids are so much more fun, even though Jenson is a little to small to be doing the whole egg hunt/ eater bunny tradition we still had a fabulous weekend!  My mom bought him this adorable shirt, some times it pays to have the last name Hunt ;)  

 He has such a fun personality already.  Some of the faces he gives me  I can't help but laugh, he is such a stud! And I am pretty sure his hair is getting more red! 

We got him all dressed up on Sunday in his daddy's old vest.  Seriously people if he could grow up to be just like his dad then I would be the happiest mom in the world!  

 I LOVE my boys, seriously life can't get much better than this right now! :)
 Don't mind his floody pants and his grumpy face, he has the tall genes and it was past his nap time! ;) We hope you had a fabulous easter, we sure did!  

Jenson's 2 Month Stats

So I am like wayy behind but I didn't want to forget Jenson's 2 month stats (he was a more like 2 and half months when we went to the doctor since he was sick and couldn't get his shots right when we turned 2 months) 

Weight: 12lbs 14.5 oz (50%)
Hight: 24 in (76% and to tall for all his pants!)
Head: 16.5 in (97% it's all brain ;))
 Loves: bath time, cuddling, eating, being sung to, going for walks, smiling, changing his diaper, and standing up
Hates: dirty diapers, his nose sucker, hard surfaces (seriously he could sleep for hours on the couch or our bed!) 
 Sometimes I just sit and look at him and can't believe he is mine.  We are the luckiest!  

Friday, April 4, 2014

KC Zoo Trip

My good friend Lindsay has a pass to the zoo, which means I can get in free {I know just how to pick my friends ;)} Well yesterday we decided to go, the morning started out rainy and it was supposed to rain that night but the middle of the day was going to be nice and upper 70's  so we went for it.  Okay seriously, we were like the only ones there!  It was soo awesome! I don't think we shared an exhibit with anyone, even the new penguin building.  We got there just in time for the sea lion show (training) and it was really cool, no sea world but defiantly worth it to see! 
The zoo is broken up into different parts Asia, Australia, and Africa (which is a zoo all in it's self...) so we only hit up Asia and Australia but it was still plenty to see. We got up close and personal to quite a few animals.  My favorite was the Orangutan's.  There was some in a cage outside but then there were 3 behind a glass wall.  One was looking out the glass just relaxing,  basically you were face to face with it (minus the glass between you).  There was a dumb glare but if you put your face right up against the glass you could see everything.  Then there was a baby that was playing and wanted us to play with it, no joke.  We would start looking at another orangutan or something and it would tap on the glass until we would look at it.  Then he would hide under is blanket and do the same thing over and over again, it was seriously so funny.  Oh and we were the only ones there playing with them, soo cool! 
Next we rounded the corner and BAM! There were multiple kangaroos just hanging out all over in the path and everything.  Lindsay started to back up slowly to find a zoo keeper (to make sure it was normal that they were out of their exhibit...) I couldn't keep my eyes, or camera off of them.  We had another stare down, for a second I was sure they were going to chase me but they just hopped off instead.  Oh and it is normal for them to be out of their cage, we enter their exhibit and they are free to roam, once again sooo cool!  But don't worry they are afraid of people so they really don't get close to you {or thats what they say...}.   
Oh and Jenson sure loved it... he slept through the entire trip, sorry Hailey someday he will be old enough and you will have a buddy to play with instead of just look at! :) 
So without further ado the pictures, and no most of these are not even zoomed in, thats just how close and personal we got!  Enjoy! (in no particular order.)

 He sure loved the penguins... ;)

 Notice the baby Joey in her pouch! :)
 Looks like this is a gorilla, but nope it's the orangutan just a dark colored one, not orange! (no zoom!)

 I told you, like no one was there...
Thanks Lindsay for letting me tag along! We Love the ZOO!