Sunday, April 16, 2017


 We took Jenson to go see the Easter bunny- fully thinking he would scream!  But nope, he jumped right up next to him and started petting his "fur", smiled, gave high 5's, and then goodbye to the bunny!  He LOVED him it was so cute to watch!  
Later that day we went to a ward picnic/ easter egg hunt where we ate yummy food and found lots of candy filled eggs!  

Later that week our friends invited us over for another egg hunt at their house!  Jenson sure is getting good at spotting eggs! 
Easter morning Jenson got a small basket with some books and candy in it! 

 My handsome boy all ready for church!  Matt and I are in nursery together so we had fun teaching the kids about the resurrection and our Savior, and what Easter really means.  After church we had an amazing meal (ham, funeral potatoes, jello, rolls, and of course dessert!) I love this holiday and for the reminder that my Savior Lives!  We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Baby Update

Baby girl is doing so good!  I passed my glucose test with flying colors, yay!  Jenson loves going to our appointments and listening to baby sisters heart beat- and playing on the big "i-pad" checking out all the body part, and drawing pictures on them! haha  

 I still throw up ever once in a while but over all this pregnancy has been much easier then with Jenson (sickness wise)! I have some severe pelvis pain (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction )  some days I can hardly stand up or even sit down with out severe pain, other days are not to bad.  I have been going to physical therapy to try to help learn how to strengthen my pelvis, but sadly there is no "instant cure"  It hurts to walk, sit, stand, lay down, cross my legs... pretty much anything that requires movement (so everything...)  With PT and my weekly adjustments its getting bearable for most days though.   

 We had our pre registration appointment with the hospital!  I delivered Jenson at a different hospital so it was fun to go and tour around this one.  It made things so much more real in just 10 short weeks we will be having our baby!!
We are heading to Utah/Idaho next week and I won't be back till I am 36 weeks so it feels good to get everything we need to done before we leave so that I don't have to stress and worry about if the baby comes early!  

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Potty Training!

That dreaded time has come, potty training!  They say to find a good time when you have nothing going on for a while... yeah that never happens so we just decided to jump full in and start this thing.  For weeks we had been incising Jenson to go potty in the toilet with trains (his favorite!)  If he got 10 stickers (meaning he went potty 10 times in the toilet) he got to pick a new train.  Some times he would get a new train in a few days, other times it was a week or so.  Babe found a good deal on the trains and we put them up on the wall so he could always see them but couldn't reach them.  I think this slightly back fired on us because he learned how to hold his pee and then go multiple times in a 20 minute period so he could get more stickers faster... he is way to smart for us!  I decided I had enough and we had a free 3 day weekend that we decided to give it a go.  I read a article all about potty training and she said to have them throw away all their diapers and pull ups and to only wear underwear (naps, and bedtime included)  I was a little to chicken to throw them all away so he put them in a garbage bag and later hid them when he wasn't looking (so he thinks they really are gone!)  

 We stocked up on underwear and prepared for the worse.  The first day was rough on all of us and I will admit by the end of the day my patience was gone, but day 2 and 3 got better!  We are now to the point where he is pretty good about telling us if he has to go, or he will just go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet himself.  We are trying to teach him how to pull his underwear and pants up on his own but its taking a little longer.  He does get distracted when we are outside so I have to keep reminding him to tell me when he has to go.
 ^^he now has about 4 more trains added to his collection.. haha ^^
 We attempted going to Walmart yesterday, he did tell me he had to go and held it till we got to the bathroom.  Then he wanted to go multiple times after that- but I think its because Walmart has the mini kid sinks that he likes to wash his hands in...  But he did go so we are happy about that!
I wouldn't say he is totally potty trained we do still have a few accidents.  He made it one night fully dry but hasn't since so we are still working on naps and bed time.  We are going on our vacation this week and I'm terrified about the long car ride but we are just going to take it a day at a time!  Also another funny thing to mention.  Jenson says "poop" for pee, and "brown stuff" for poop haha so until we figured that out I thought he was constantly "pooping" his pants! haha

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Disney On Ice

 Jenson still can't stop talking about our Disney World trip so when we heard that Disney on Ice was in KC we just had to go! It did not disappoint!  Jenson LOVED it as well- he loved the second half more then the first but thanks to the spinner toy we got him he was entertained the whole time.   

 It's weird to think that these little one on one dates are going to happen a lot less once his baby sister gets here.  So we have really tried to focus on him lately and enjoy the time we have together!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Staining furniture!

 I wish I would have taken a good before picture but I guess we just got to excited and forgot!  BOO!  We got our piano for free (we saved it from the dumpster!) It needed some help but Babe was excited to experiment with it.  He fixed all the sticky keys, and even learned how to tune it.  The piano didn't have a book holder on it so a while we decided to make one!  While we were in Utah on one of our trips Babe designed, and cut out the book holder all by himself (and help from my mom!)  After he made it it sat on our piano for months before we actually finished sanding and stained it.  Oops..

^^ It's kind of hard to see but you can see the book holder in the picture above. ^^

Babe has loved taking apart the piano and seeing how it all works.  One of the black keys had broken off so he figured out how to take it off and glue it back together! 

While Babe worked on the piano I worked on our coffee table we got from a friend.  We love it because it has some good storage on it and the top lifts up into a tall table!  

 I sanded it down and used some gel stain!
 Another issue with the piano was the lid- it was chipped and had water damage on it so some of the wood was warped and missing.  We sanded it all down, filled in the missing spots to make it all even and stained the lid- the same color as the coffee table and the piano book holder.  If we planned on keeping the piano forever we would have stained it all and made it look amazing but with limited time, space, and money we decided against it. So it may look a little funny to have some of it black and some of it brown but  with our other brown and black things in our family room we thought it was okay. 

 our living room was a mess while we did this- we don't have a garage or any good place to sand/ stain and let our stuff dry so it was all on drop clothes spread out through the house.
 Not to mention we could only really stain after Jenson had gone to bed so it was quite the process!

 AFTER!  Believe it or not it looks, sounds, and feels 100% better then it did.  Still not the best piano but we are proud of how it turned out- and happy to have it finished!  Maybe later down the road we will stain more of it but for now were calling it!  Also I LOVE how the book holder turned out- Babe sure is a man of many talents!