Monday, January 30, 2012

Husbands are the best!

Stressed. Yup that sums it up.  I was really stressed the other night with all of my homework, lesson plans, house work... etc.  I had a mini break down (Matt can tell when anything is bugging me and he kind of pulled it out of me, which is good because I normally hold everything in)  He told me that all I need to worry about is getting my homework done, and that he would help me with it if i needed it.  He said he would take care of all the rest.  Can you say relief? He is just the best!  My preschool class is really stressful with all the work I need to do but its also my favorite class- I just love those little kids, so it makes it a little better! :) So pretty much I am just blogging so you all know we are still here, doing good, living the life, and trying to make it though this semester!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Some of you might know that our brother in-law got diagnosed with Leukemia.  To show some support they all decided to cut off all their hair, to join Marshall.  We were talking about how scary it was for them to cut it off  and if they really wanted to when we kept thinking about Marshall and how he has no choice.  I know it was hard for them but all of them are so selfless, now I just have to get used to a baldy! If any of you feel like shaving your heads as well, feel free to put the money you would have spent into the Marshall and Amanda Family Trust, at any Wells Fargo location! Or feel free to donate whatever you can without shaving your head :)  Anything can help them, and whats better than helping those out that need you the most?! We love you Marshall and Amanda! :)


 I forgot to get a before picture of Drew but here they are the 3 baldies! 

 They couldn't stop touching each others head.

Aren't they cute?! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

not so bad...

Just so you all know last night we not so bad... I was still very nervous and it was kinda awkward at first but now the worst is over!  Time to get to know my new brother better :)  Welcome home Sam! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

secretly freaking out...

Today after school we are jumping in the car to head down to Inkom. Not so bad.  We are going to go to the dentist because Matt lost a filling and is in pain.  I wanna go to the place where we got my ring and get it cleaned :) (free cleanings for life!) because I haven't had it cleaned since we were married.  Except for when I use toothpaste- thanks mom for that tip!  It really works :) So your probably thinking "so why are you freaking out?" Well let me enlighten you...Sam.  Sam is Matt's younger brother (just below him) and has been on a mission in North Carolina.  Well you see Matt and I became friends and started dating after he left so I never got to meet him.  Everyone tells me he is like a giant teddy bear, but I also know that is the only person Matt has ever yelled at and wanted to hurt before in his life.  I guess I am just sacred he wont like me...he comes home to 3 new nieces 1 new nephew and a sister n law.  A lot has changed since he went out and I just don't what he is going to think of me.  So there it is.  Matt laughs at how much I am freaking out (I was worried about how to do my hair, what to wear, and to add on to that I couldn't sleep last night...) So wish me luck.  I'm off to meet my new brother n law! : /

Monday, January 16, 2012


So were were reminiscing last night about all of "firsts" and when they were, and we couldn't decide what you count the year mark of dating from....

We officially met on Feb 20, 2010

First date: Dec 29, 2010

lots of hanging out, talking, walking to classes, Matt bringing me food and then our...
Second date: Jan 23, 2011
(don't mind this nasty picture...)

Held hands: Jan30, 2011

"DTR": Feb 4, 2011 became GF/BF

Facebook Official: Feb 8, 2011
First kiss: Feb 10, 2011
Said "I love you": Mar 6, 2011
Engaged: March 26, 2011 (seems pretty close from the last one?... Matts goal was to surprise me... and he totally did! We had just picked out the ring that week, I thought we were get engaged sometime in July..)

Married: Aug 5, 2011

We realized that the biggest gap we have had since dating and nothing "big" happening is from when we got engaged from when we were married, and now we have been married longer than we were engaged... haha when its down on paper it sure seems a lot faster then it felt when were were going though it! :)

So what date do you count it by? Sounds stupid I know but we were just wondering... :) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

never mind...

my new plan for the night...
change into my pjs, and slippers,eat the amazing meal Matt made, go shopping for food, and attempt to finish my homework in my comfy bed. Feet up!  FYI no its not worth it. No More Heels! Yup.

Crazy much?

Today is the official one week mark of school starting and I am already crazy busy and ready for it to be over...  Don't get me wrong I love learning new things and getting ready for preschool to start, but I also love Matt, eating, free time, netflix, and hanging out with my friends.  And school is getting in the way of all of those :(  I am on campus or doing something school related (home visits for preschool, meeting...etc) from 7-7 and then when I get home I try to do homework and get ahead. Yeah right! Ahead?  Try even more behind!  Let me explain better...
I am in my preschool labs from 7:45-11:45 (and preschool hasn't even started yet... its a LONG 4 hours!)
from there I go to my Doctrines of the Gospel class, and then my Capstone class. I have a small break in between each but not long enough to go home and eat.  So why don't I bring food you ask?  Oh I would if we had any to bring...  So I fill my back pack with what we do have.  Wintergreen mints and werther's hard candy. Yup.  Good thing we have enough cereal- but we just ran out of milk. Poop.
Then on my Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to my Support teacher class (we talk about what we are doing in our labs... basically the class part of the labs) then right after I go to my Curriculum class.  At 4:30 I go to the seminary for our labs with all of the PPE majors students.  Now that's an enjoyable class.  Not! Oh and did I mention I have the same teacher for 4 of my classes?  yeah...So yeah I not in classes the entire day but not enough of a break either to leave.  And to top it off before school starts on the 18th for preschool we are going to each of our students houses to see them in their envelopment and pre assess. We have parent orientation tonight, and a open house room on Friday.  So what right? You picked this major...  Yeah I did and I really am loving it but after you start working on your lesson plan for 3 hours a day and that's only the start it begins to get kinda annoying.  I am hoping it is going to change when our kids actually come, but right now its all just paper work, learning the system, and listening to the same things over and over again.

I figured I could be doing my homework but I really just needed to vent, and get my mind off my growling stomach until I get to finally go home at 6:30.  And if I know Matt which I do, he will have already made something for me to eat and ready to talk about my day!  Isn't he just the best?!  But that also is if he is already home...  So sorry for the long post with no pictures I am just at school and don't have any with me. My to do list for tonight is to actually clean the house, go shopping with what money we have to get a few things to eat (I just keep reminding myself of my dreams growing up living on love not money...)  finish the homework I need for tomorrow, and maybe even finish the laundry.  Maybe. So until next time wish me luck.  Oh and if you see me around remind me not to wear heels, even if they are cute.  Beauty hurts right? Wrong! This pain I feel is totally NOT worth the beauty or slipping on the ice... or is it? Something to think about...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

She Said Yes!

For those of you were were not at our wedding luncheon, or Inkom reception... Amanda and Marshall (my in-laws) wrote and sang this to us for our wedding! It is perfect! This was seriously us to a T... they got everything you hear from my blog and made it all work into a song! I couldn't figure out how to just post the song so I made a video so that I could do pictures and songs! Thanks guys!- see how lucky I am to be in such a talented family!

*side note Marshall just got diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and is going though treatments now... please keep him and his family in your prayers! We love you Marshall, Amanda, and baby Kezman

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


First day of school. 
Wishing husband was starting too.
Already want to be over.

... yup. Pretty much sums up my feelings.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New years resolutions

I figure ill get more of my resolutions done if I have people to check up on how I am doing so here it goes: 
(in no particular order)

1. Become a better blogger
2. Get only A's and B's in school
3. Learn how to sew
4. Loose 30lbs by my birthday in May. Be more healthy. Exercise more
5. Make dinner.  Less going out.  No cereal. More crock pot meals (any suggestions? Favorites?)
6. Go to the temple AT LEAST 2 times a month
7. Date husband more. Creatively 
8. Never miss our prayers. Morning, night, and family.  More thanking
9. Do more of my "pinned" things.  Be daring and try new things
10. Call the parental units everyday. Less text. More phone calls
11. Become a mom
12. Don't take things to seriously.  Laugh more.  Joke more. (like #11)
13. Get out of dept.  Total money makeover
14.  Play more games.  Less movies
15. Appreciate the things that I have more. Husband. Family. Friends.