Monday, January 16, 2012


So were were reminiscing last night about all of "firsts" and when they were, and we couldn't decide what you count the year mark of dating from....

We officially met on Feb 20, 2010

First date: Dec 29, 2010

lots of hanging out, talking, walking to classes, Matt bringing me food and then our...
Second date: Jan 23, 2011
(don't mind this nasty picture...)

Held hands: Jan30, 2011

"DTR": Feb 4, 2011 became GF/BF

Facebook Official: Feb 8, 2011
First kiss: Feb 10, 2011
Said "I love you": Mar 6, 2011
Engaged: March 26, 2011 (seems pretty close from the last one?... Matts goal was to surprise me... and he totally did! We had just picked out the ring that week, I thought we were get engaged sometime in July..)

Married: Aug 5, 2011

We realized that the biggest gap we have had since dating and nothing "big" happening is from when we got engaged from when we were married, and now we have been married longer than we were engaged... haha when its down on paper it sure seems a lot faster then it felt when were were going though it! :)

So what date do you count it by? Sounds stupid I know but we were just wondering... :) 

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