Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New years resolutions

I figure ill get more of my resolutions done if I have people to check up on how I am doing so here it goes: 
(in no particular order)

1. Become a better blogger
2. Get only A's and B's in school
3. Learn how to sew
4. Loose 30lbs by my birthday in May. Be more healthy. Exercise more
5. Make dinner.  Less going out.  No cereal. More crock pot meals (any suggestions? Favorites?)
6. Go to the temple AT LEAST 2 times a month
7. Date husband more. Creatively 
8. Never miss our prayers. Morning, night, and family.  More thanking
9. Do more of my "pinned" things.  Be daring and try new things
10. Call the parental units everyday. Less text. More phone calls
11. Become a mom
12. Don't take things to seriously.  Laugh more.  Joke more. (like #11)
13. Get out of dept.  Total money makeover
14.  Play more games.  Less movies
15. Appreciate the things that I have more. Husband. Family. Friends. 

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