Tuesday, March 25, 2014


No, we are not pregnant if that's what your thinking {Jenson just turned 8 weeks...}.  I swear when your married and someone says GUESS WHAT! or BIG NEWS! the first thing that comes to your mind is that they are pregnant... I'm not sure why that is, maybe its just me... anyway back on topic.

WERE MOVING!! Yahoo!! Don't get too excited though... it's only about 10 minutes away (not back to Utah/Idaho area) We finally got accepted into our new housing after filling out a application the week we got here back in August.  I have so many mixed emotions mostly ecstatic, but then I get stressed!  There is sooo much to do, and it's all so different now with Jenson.  I can't spend all my time packing/ de junking like I like to do- he is my first priority which makes things a lot slower and more un organized (insert plug here for having my mom fly out and help!!) 

On part of the application you have to fill out where you have lived in the last 3 years.  They give you 3 spots to fill that out in {really 3?  were college students!}  We have moved so many times we had to fill out the bak of the page as well.  So moving into this place is going to be a huge change for us!  We will be living in there until Babe is done with school {4-5 years, sheesh!} Babe laughs at me because whenever we move I always have a ton a few boxes of things that "we will eventually need" because we don't know where we will be then.  But now we know we will be in the same place for multiple years so I can actually see what we need, and get rid of the rest {hopefully ;)} 

We will be staying in the same ward {thankfully, we LOVE our ward!} just moving closer to it and in a complex where we actually know multiple people {yeah for getting a social life again!}.  I am going to have to learn my way around a new part of town but hey, this way I will have mastered most of Overland Park, right?  haha Well at least in my dreams ;)  it's really confusing here, don't believe me ask my sisters!  We have to be out of our old place by May 31st which gives us plenty of time to slowly move into our new place and do things there before moving in (like getting shelfs...one again insert plug here for my mom to come help us make our new place a home! WE NEED YOU!!)  I get overwhelmed thinking of how to organize our new place and where to put all of our pictures and things, the layout is nothing like we have had before and I don't know how to decorate it (MOM!).  

Well Jenson is actually asleep on his own so I think I should take advantage of this and start the de junking!  Wish me luck!  

Do you have any good moving tips?
How do you entertain your child while trying to get things done? 
Anyone want to pitch in to get my mom a plane ticket here?! ;)

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