Monday, March 24, 2014

Jenson's First Cold

While Jenson and I were visiting our family he started to get a little cough and got all congested.  I kept a humidifier on at nights which seemed to help a little, but after returning home it just kept getting worse. His cough is seriously the saddest thing I have ever heard in my life.  I hate that he is so little and can't tell me where he is hurting and how I can help him.  Because his breathing has always been a little different since he was born (and being born with a pneumothorax) we didn't want to take any chances that something was more serious.  His 2 month appointment was set for the 25th but we didn't want to wait until then just in case.  We headed to the doctors on Friday and they ran different tests.  Dr. Crane was nervous about his retractions (the way he was breathing, you could see his ribs when he would breath in).  She tested for RSV, coup, and other random thing but they all came back negative (thank goodness!) They decided to take an X-ray to get a better look at his lungs.  Dr. Crane mentioned his heart looked a little abnormal on the X-ray so she sent the results off to Children's Mercy Hospital to have a specialist look at it.  She then sent us home, saying just a keep a close eye on Jenson and if anything looks worst to go right to the Hospital, oh and she told us not to worry {yeah right, thats like telling me not breath}. We scheduled a follow up appointment for Monday, and we were on our way.

 That was probably one of the longest weekends of my life.  I kept looking for the signs she gave us (flared nostril, deep retractions, arching back, etc...) and I could swear everything was just getting worse.  He would have these coughing fits that would wake him up from a dead sleep, making him not sleep very much, when he did.  His favorite place to be is in our bed so last night we gave in and sleep with him so we could all get some shut eye.  

Later Friday night Dr. Crane gave us a call saying that the results from the X-ray they sent off were back from Children's Mercy, they said his heart was perfectly normal but they had some more concerns with his lungs and wanted us to go in on Monday to take better X-rays 
{but don't worry...}
 Monday finally came and we headed to the doctors early for our follow up and to get a CD of his X-rays to that Children's Mercy can do a comparison.  Dr. Crane said his breathing was looking better and she wasn't as concerned as she was on Friday {PHEW!} 

After our appointment we went to get the X-rays taken.  We got checked in and waited for them to call us back.   
 He did so good with the first X-ray, then started to scream with all he had on the second one.  We don't have the results back yet but they told us they couldn't see anything but our doctor would call us later with the full details.  Basically he just has a cold with a really bad cough but it sure is killing me to see him like this.  I guess for now all I can do is cuddle my sweet boy and try to get him to eat more and sleep!  I sure love you Jenson, how about we kick this thing and stay healthy forever okay!?
How do you help your child when they are sick?
Any suggestions on how to get him to eat?
What should I do about his cough? 

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  1. Zenna just had her first congestion/runny nose/can't breathe thing and we used Essential Oils. They were amazing! They're perfectly safe for babies and worked wonders! Try Breathe in the future for congestion, it works just like Baby Vicks where you put it on their chest and feet, except it actually works! I'm not normally someone who goes all "green" and "non-medication" but in this case, it actually worked better than the meds, especially on a baby! I hope he feels better, poor guy!