Monday, November 12, 2012

Lead Week

This week was the start of my lead teaching week in preschool.  Wed. is my 2-teacher day (only 2 teachers in the room the whole day) sound easy enough right? Wrong.  When your students are used to 6-8 teachers in the room at a time, when you go down to only 2 teachers things get CRAZY!  I am so nervous for how it will turn out... It's going to be a long week.  All prayers are welcome :) But on the plus side after this week I don't have to teach anymore! Yahooo I'll just have to go to preschool and hang out with the children, now that's easy!  I love my major and am so thankful everyday to be working with young kids they inspire me so much and I really do try to follow their examples  cute story.  For the sake of privacy I will be naming the children in my story child 1 and child 2 (original right?) For some background: So today I had the marble works out (ramps that they can build for the marbles and stuff) Child 1 has a tendency to take things without asking or hitting other children when they don't get their way... previously in past times child 1 has hit child 2.  

Child 2:  I don't want to play with him (pointing to child 1) because he hit me.
Me: I don't think he meant to hit you though
Child 2: ya he did! And he didn't say sorry!
Me: I bet he meant to say sorry, I am so sorry that happened to you!

Child 1 then goes up to child 2 to take away some of his marbles

Me: remember child 1 you have to ask before you just take things because child 2 is playing with those right now.
Child 1:  Can you share with me? (to child 2)
Child 2: (Places his arm around the shoulder of child 1 and pulls him in close)  softly says:  Yes, but only if you promise to NEVER hit me again.
Child 1: I promise!

It was so simple (and maybe confusing for you...) but how quick they are to fogive and befrind someone that has hurt them before just amazes me.  The played for a long time after that like they were best friends.  Child 2 remember what had happened to him but as soon as he talked it over with Child 1 then they were fine and he remembered it no more.  

Another cute example from a friend in another lab:

For dramatic play during preschool, we had a stage set up with microphones and dress up clothes for performing. One child in the class was about to perform, and then he says, "Wait! We have to say a prayer before we start." He then proceeds to call a child up on stage to say an opening prayer, and he whispered exactly what should be said in the prayer. 

See what I mean.  I am blessed everyday to do what I do!  I love my major and I love working with these little children!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful For

Day 4
Today I am thankful for day light savings and for the chance to get an extra hour of sleep!!

Thoughts for Sunday

(Click on the link below to see the video)

So today while in Sunday School the teacher was talking about not knowing everything on this earth but how we will get the big picture and know all things later.  She gave this example that I really liked and connected well with so I thought I would share.  Just like in the Little Mermaid when Arial is with all of her treasures and she is combing her hair with a "dingle hopper" which was really a fork.  We are just like her in some cases and don't really know the real meaning or purpose of things we might use or think we know.  What a cool thought it is to know that one day we will know the meaning of all things.  But until then I just encourage you to try to understand the things we already have here on their earth.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful For

Day 3:
Today I got the chance to ride down to Utah with Matt while he was driving for work 3 reasons why I did:
1. I got to spend the whole day with husband (even if I did sleep most the way)
2. I got to spend a few hours with my family after he dropped me off.
3. It was motivation for me to get a lot of my preschool lesson done!

That being said I am thankful for the many hours I spend with babe, and for the few hours I spent with my family.  Living far away from family is really hard for me so I loved being there even if it was only for 3 hours!   We went to Rumbi Grill and got our entire meal paid for just by taking in 2 cans of food- now that's a deal!!

Thankful For

Day 2:
Today I am thankful for my laminating machine. Simple I know but it was the best present. I seriously use it everyday!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful For

Day 1: Today I am thankful that my lead semester is almost up! I just turned in my last lesson plan to be graded for the semester, I can finally breath again (until I actually have to teach them...) at least they are done!  Phew!