Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Decorating Onesies, tutorial!

My good friend Lindsay and I wanted to do something for our babies, something easy but cute.  We searched good 'ol pintrest and came up with the idea to make some baby onesies.  It was so easy and they turned out so cute I decided to make a tutorial so you can all make some of your own.  To bad baby boy can't wear his till he is actually here, maybe I'll just frame them instead.  Joking, or am I? Seriously you can't top the cuteness with these!

Here is what you will need to get started:
1. Fabric- whatever colors you want (it might depend on the color of onesies you get...)
2. Onesies- Thrift stores, you can't beat $1 :)
3. Pellon.  This is just the stuff we used there are lots of different kinds out there (wonder under, for example).  5 sheets for around $4 at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon (just check the website they always have one.  Same with Joannes, or any other craft store.) We didn't even use 2 whole sheets and combined we did around 7 onesies. 
4. Iron/ Ironing board
5. Damp cloth
1. First have fun collecting your supplies (I am pretty sure I could shop for baby boy all day long and never get bored of it...).  My hardest part was picking out the perfect fabric for what I wanted to do, I am so indecisive so it took a while. We got our fabric at Joannes, you hardly use any so I would suggest going in with a friend and split the cost of all your supplies!
2. Pick the shapes you want and either trace, print out, or draw them onto paper yourself.  I have no drawing abilities so I traced mine, it all works! When doing a shape like the elephant or the car, trace the shape again so you can iron it on at the end (I promise it will make sense)  For example on the elephant I traced his ear onto another piece of paper, the car I traced the wheels and window.
 3. With your shape all cut out, now it's time to trace it onto your Pellon (iron on paper stuff).  Trace it onto the non shiny side (the side that feels more like paper...).  MAKE SURE if you are doing a shape that goes a certain way, that you trace it backwards (example, I made an Idaho shape that when I had to trace BACKWARDS (flipped) so it would come out the right way on the onesie).  Cut your shape out leaving room around all the edges, trust me it makes it a lot easier for the next steps. 
Warning the top paper that you traced onto comes off really easy, that's okay just make sure when you are cutting out your shape on the fabric that it is all lined up. 
 4. There are 3 layers of paper even though they are hard to see.  You are going to peel off the very back side, just keep working it with your finger nail and you will eventually see where it peels off.
5. With your fabric on the wrong side (if their is a wrong side) stick your shape to your fabric.  Cut out the shape, now is when you cut on the lines.  Remember the top paper moves really easily so make sure you are cutting where you want to.  (Notice in the picture above and the ones below the image is now flipped to the opposite side, this is what I was talking about in step 3)
6. Once your shape is cut out, then you can stick it onto your onesie, (just take off the top paper to stick it on)
7. Follow the same steps as above, but with your little shapes you cut out (these are my wheels and window for my car.) You can use the same fabric or a different color, the choice is yours!
8. Get a damp cloth and your hot iron (the damp cloth helps with the steam, and protects your onesie) Put your iron on the cotton/steam setting.  
9. Put the cloth over your onesie and iron it for about 10-15 seconds.  Just iron the first layer first, you will worry the other pieces next (wheels, windows... etc)
 10. Once you iron your main shape onto your onesie, you can now iron on your other shapes.  Make sure to line them up just where you want them.  Then repeat step 9 (damp cloth, iron for 10-15 seconds)
Then guess what... Your done! Yes it is seriously that easy!
There are so many different shapes or pictures you can do, the possibility is endless! The ones below are what my talented friend did for her little girl.  So try it out, see what you can do!

Now, I am NOT a sewer by any means but once I pick up enough courage to try it out I am going to sew around the edges of the onesies so that the pictures have no chance of coming off in the wash.  Which is something you might also want to try! Good luck!

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  1. Love the onesies!! Where do you get your shapes to trace?