Monday, September 16, 2013

Answers please, answers!

I feel like I am stuck, I want to do so much but I can't.  I see all these people around doing things (productive things...) and I am just here on my couch watching Friends and growing a little baby boy.  Okay so when you put it that way it seems like I am actually doing something but lets get real, I'm stuck.  I applied for a few jobs and even had interviews, I thought they went well but now that I haven't heard anything I am changing my mind.  I don't think someone wants to hire me for a few months just for me to leave, which I understand it just bites.  I was going to look for another job because I am kind of sick of doing nothing at home while Babe is at school.  But it all depends on our housing, let me explain.  We filled out an application to a housing unit that is income based (IE if we don't have any income we don't have to pay rent...) A lot of our friends that are going to Chiropractic school here are doing the same thing.  It's cheaper to not have jobs and have school be their full time job while the wife is in the home with the kids. Our only problem is our kid is inside me right now so it's a little hard to watch him all day.
We applied for this housing when we first got here and she said it could take 2-3 years (everyone we know that moved in there was in in less than 6 months...)  There is also a little rumor going around that a lot of the people living there now are moving out in November, perfect right? Thats what we thought but we still don't know if we are far enough on the list to make it in by then.  Our second bedroom here is such a mess, it's driving me crazy but I don't want to unpack everything just to pack it up again if we are moving soon.  I want to get baby boys nursery started, but there is no room for that in there right now.  I feel like everything I do is depending on whether or not we move, talk about stressful right... Ugh!
Another thing, if we move into these new apartments there is a chance we can move into a 3 bedroom one (PLEASE!!) but its not guarantee it just depends on what opens up when you're next on the list.  We might have to deal with a 2 bedroom house (selfish right?) but we have done it before and we will make it work whatever we get.  But there is a huge possibility that that house will be where we live for the entire time we are here, we have never stayed in a place for longer than a semester and we are talking like 4-5 YEARS here.  Wouldn't that be so awesome to actually unpack everything I will ever need and have everything in it's own little place.  The thought of not having to move again is so relaxing but once again it all depends on if we get in... Have I mentioned I hate this waiting game? Anyway what this post was supposed to be about was finding some help on what to do while Babe is at school.
I don't really know my way around that much yet so it kind of scares me to go and explore all by myself.  I want to start making baby boy some stuff (car seat cover, bedding, curtains, basically everything pintrest that is cute) But that brings up some more problems... 1. I don't know how to sew and I don't want to go buy a ton of fabric and wreck it all... (mom? :) this is where you come in! wink wink) 2. I don't have a ton of money to spend on wrecking fabric.  Yeah I have a hard life right? Anyway if you have any cheap ideas or idiot proof patterns that maybe I could start with something small and work my way up to sewing something bigger, I could try that.  Basically any suggestions of things to keep my busy while at home?  Oh and something not too hard... lucky for me I am still feeling pretty crappy more days than not.
Wow this post just got so random... :)  but you think this is random you should see the things running through my head most of the day!  ;) Well thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, or donations to buy season 3-10 of Friends since I have now finished the first 2... (I won't even tell you all that I have seen on Netflix ;))


  1. I agree, waiting for things to happen is no fun! I'm sure everything will work out just as it should. I hope this will be a really good experience for you and Matt and your little family. Living outside of Utah and Idaho is definitely different, but it's good (not better or worse, just different and good). Have you ever indexed before? It's a great thing to do and it can even be done while watching TV. :) Here's a link:

  2. Brielle, I feel your pain. We were on a similar housing list before Judd was born. I remember how anxious and stressed I felt. We were waiting for military base housing when I was pregnant with Emily. In both cases it just worked out. We were able to move in just after Judd was born and just before Emily was born. The Lord is mindful of you and I am certain it will all work out. In the meantime, my advice is to focus on the things you can control. It may sound like lame advice, but focusing on the simple things that I have control over, the things I can do right now, has helped me to avoid stress and find joy. Good Luck! Love Ya, Anut RaDawn