Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby Boy's Nursery Ideas

First off can I say this whole nursery thing is so overwhelming... so many colors, patterns, and ideas to choose from! But I am loving every minute of it!
With that being said I think I have finally made my decision, well on the colors at least! 

Well then... Lets take a look!
I am LOVING these bright colors {blue, yellow, orange, green} 
I love the mixture of all the colors and different patterns
I also love chevron but who doesn't?
What do you think?

Now my dilemma... Where do I find fabric at a cheap price?
Even more of a dilemma... How in the world am I supposed to make all the bedding and curtains when I have never sewed before..? haha 
That is where you can come in {yes you with the sewing machine that you actually know how to use, mom, Mindy, Chelsi, Jillisa...but not limited too;)} 
Now thanks to pintrest everything has tutorials these days, amazing right? I am going to start small and work my way up.  Like practicing making bean bags small {I'll just call them mini pillows to sound cooler...}
I love the bottom of these curtains but I am also all about darker curtains like the ones in the first picture.  I am a firm believe on sleep, which means it has to be dark... maybe a little of both? 
And seriously how cute is the dust ruffle {is that what it's called?} on the crib.  I just about died when I saw it.  I even like it with the black but it sure doesn't have to be.

See, I'm in trouble!  I am in love with way too many things... Any help would be greatly appreciated.  So start saving your fabric coupons and keep an eye out for something like this. 
Obviously I know I don't have the money for it all, but a girl can dream right?  And maybe if I start collecting now, I can have the perfect nursery for baby boy!

Now on to the wall decorations... :)
I have a pretty good idea on what I want to do with most of the decorations {something that I think I can actually do... } But I am going to need help from all of my favorite little ones. But thats all I will say for now about that. :) 

I am not a big reader myself but I have a TON of kid books already, I could read those all day!  So I really want our kids to enjoy to read and so just like my brilliant sister made for her kids I also want some!  Now how cute are these book holders? So just like you're saving your coupons, save your wood ;) or maybe Ikea has something like it?  

 Also I LOVE the idea of the wine rack holder transformed to a blanket holder, genius I tell you! So look out for one of those.

As you can tell I pretty much LOVE everything about this {minus the figuring out how to make it...} but all is well I have 4 months left to learn how to sew... is it possible? I guess we will see! Wish me luck! 

Oh and while I am on the topic of things I LOVE, check this out!   I guess its just something with the mixing of colors and patterns again... So if by chance you find the perfect fabric maybe get a little extra for one of these! :)


  1. seriously LOVE these colors! Also, I am loving all the blog updates! Keep 'em coming! Miss you!

  2. Okay--so there ARE some things you can tackle...I know it! I'll send you the link, but I'm making crib sheets this week. SO STINKIN EASY. Really, I'm not kidding. Anybody could do it--even without a sewing machine. I found old queen sheets at Savers...you guys got a goodwill? I think I will be able to make 2 crib sheets from the one flat queen sheet, but I'll let you know. It was WAY cheaper than buying the fabric. In fact, check out the sheets for all sorts of fabric needs--cheap. And walmart has $5.00 flat twin sheets in super cute, fun patterns. You could use that for fabric on the cheap. Also, I'll send you a no-sew tutorial for a crib skirt. Easy, easy, easy (once your crib is up.). Okay, this is getting long, so I'll just call you! ;)

  3. Oh, and I forgot...Carseat Canopy (.com) always had a coupon for $50 off. You just pay shipping ($13.00 bucks) and you get a free carseat cover. The current code is CHRISTMAS