Tuesday, November 22, 2011


No fear were not homeless... yet haha jk Matt had the chance to sing in the Forgotten Carols this past week. The Inkom/ Mccammon stakes put on the Forgotten Carols every year, this was their 6th year doing it.  I have never seen it before but it was AMAZING!  I seriously had chills the whole time it was so good.  Matt, his dad, brothers and uncle were put in charge of singing Homeless, they did amazing and only had 2 practices, sheesh they are all so talented! 
isn't he still so good looking even dressed like this?! :) 

 The homeless men!  I am going to try to figure out how to post a movie on here so you could hear how truly amazing they are  but if I can't then you will just have to take my word for it, and come and see the show next year! 
hahaha I sure love these boys! :) 

Friday, November 18, 2011

A year ago..

I still remember what I was doing a year ago because they are some of the most things that have strengthened my testimony to this day.  So lets rewind to that week...
I remember getting the call from my Dad that my grandma was not doing good and that she might not make it much longer, to make sure George was working in case I had to hurry home. Ashley my roommate happened to walk in to our room while I was talking to my dad, she knew something was wrong and stayed there until all my tears were gone.  She was the only one home at the time, which was good because I didn't want to tell everyone what was going on.  That night was Monday which meant FHE- I don't know how or when but somehow Ashley told everyone kind of what was going on.  The hard part about being at school is your dad isn't there to give you a priesthood blessing when you need one, but being at a Mormon school I had all of my FHE brothers, my home teachers, and my best friends all worthy and willing to give me one.  We ended up calling back a few of my brothers to come and give me a blessing, everyone was gone except for Ashley,  the blessing I was giving was exactly what I needed to hear and have at that time.  What a blessing it is to have the spirit to comfort you in times of need.  After the blessing they offered to help me with whatever else I might have needed, turns out they both know how to work on cars also and George was in need of some help.  There was snow everywhere, they were in their suits, and it was pitch black outside but they still helped me,  soon after all of my friends were there and few more boys who knew more things about  cars... long story short they were able to figure out what was wrong and helped me get him started again.  
Well the phone call came telling me I should come home to say goodbye to my sweet grandma, they had brought her home from the rehab center and all the family was gathering round.  I was still nervous about driving home so I asked Matt about a ticket for the SLC express (at this time we were just friends, I still liked him but he didn't like me like that...) when I asked him how much it would be he told me that he had taken care of it, he told me what I had to do and told me not to worry about anything.  That was the longest ride home ever, but we finally made it.  Mindy came and picked me up and I got to say goodbye to grandma,  she was still kinda responsive which was a blessing for me because she wasn't much longer.  What a blessing it was to have everyone there.  But the dreaded time came and she passed away.  It was one of the hardest things for me to see, we had gotten really close over the past few years and I honestly didn't want any of it to change.  
My grandpa had prepared a beautiful white home for my grandma and she was blessed to finally be with him again, even if that meant that we couldn't be with her.

It was a long week of tears and sadness but also much laughter, memories, hugs, and growing closer together as a extended family.
And even though outside was storming, after the prayer the clouds parted and the sun came though just long enough for us to all remember that she is in a better place, and finally at peace.
Jillisa, my mom and I had the opportunity  to go and help get my grandma prepared for the viewing.  I will never forget that and the spirit we felt there.  She was so peaceful even though her body looked so worn and tried, being dressed in her beautiful temple gowns she looked just like an angel.
Last night Matt and I were able to go to the temple,  I love the feeling of being so close to those who have died while in there.  I know that I will get to see her and my grandpa again.  One day I hope to be just like her, like my mom is and I hope my kids will be.  I love this picture and hope to one day have the hard working, service giving, loving hands that they both have.  I love you grandma and can't wait to be with you again, give grandma a hug and a kiss for me! :) I love love love you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

quick up date!

 The first snow in Rexburg, Matt made snow angels... hahaha And yes he has no jacket on, I swear he is never cold!

 On our 3 month anniversary we made a fun breakfast before he headed to Twin Falls for grandma Hunts wedding. While grandpa was still alive they were working in the temple, one of their good friends in the temple wife died years before.  Well after grandpa Hunt died (a few weeks before we were married) Paul (their friend from the temple) and grandma started to spend more time together, well they hit it off and were married November 5.  Its so fun to see her so happy, she is just like a little teenage girl again!
 Karl likes to dress up in girl stuff for some reason.. hehe
 Our cute niece Ellie :) 
 Karl and Bella.  Melissa and Jason just had a new baby a week before so they were not able to come up to Twin with us so we took their other 2 girls Hailie and Bella for the weekend! :)

 We went out to eat at a gas stop in Idaho Falls called KJ's, Brian used to go there all the time so he wanted us to go with him :)  it was soo good and there hot chocolate was amazing as well... and huge! :) We are going to have to go back there for sure!
 We also went on a date night to see Madison High School's play "footloose"  Matt, Brian, and Drew were all in Marsh Valleys play Footloose in high school so it was fun to go and see it with them.  After the play they kept taking about the old times and how good they were in the play... it was really funny to watch all of them! After words we went to Kiwi Loco for some frozen yogurt :)
 Brian and Kelsey
 Drew and Ashley
This weekend we went to Inkom so Matt could practice "Homeless" for a play he is in this weekend.  When we got there on Friday night there was green grass everywhere, when we woke up there was sooo much snow! It was insane! Matt and I went to go test out the driveway and make sure it wasn't to slick... This was his coat he decided to wear out- heheh he make me laugh! :)
 He is soo good what a good little helper he is :)

 I told you Karl liked to dress up like a girl... 
 We found this blow up toy and Matt wanted to test it out in the snow.. hahaha  If you didn't already guess it didn't really work!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A breath of fresh air

You know those times when you are sick and you know that if you just throw up that you will start feeling a little better, but who wants to throw up right?  I think its the same type of thing when your having a bad day/week/month... whatever you want to call it.  That if you just brake down and cry then you will start to feel just a little better, but then you get the burning eyes, running make up etc... am I right? Or maybe its just me... either way.  Let me fill you in a little bit so you know what I am taking about.  I am not big on complaining about things in my life... I try to keep it in and just deal with the things myself- its easier for me that way.  But ever since  I married Matt I have been learning how to share my feelings a little more.  He know when something is wrong, when I want to talk but can't, or when just a simple hug will do.  He is the best husband anyone could ask for.
 I have been sooo stressed lately.  Ever since I started Nanning I have NO time, I seriously work from 8-7 most days and have no time to do anything else because when I get home we eat dinner (mostly cold cereal unless Matt got home early enough to make something) and then we get ready for bed because we both had to wake up early.  Our house was falling apart, we had no clean clothes, food, social life.. nothing.  I  give all my props to all the working moms, and non working that somehow can keep it all together.
I have been really scared with the weather changing and having to drive down to Ucon everyday in the bad weather.  That is one of my biggest fears (yet another thing I love about Matt so much he knows how to drive in all kinds of situations, and doesn't mind doing it so I can sleep or distract myself so I don't get so nervous while driving in storms) I know that I have the "safer" car but even if you feel safe, you don't know about the people around you.  
I get to be in the PPE practicum classes this next semester, and that is going to take up most my time.  I wan to graduate with school as soon as I can, stop putting it off and just finish!  But like I said earlier I have no time to figure out the classes I need or go in and talk to the advisers to figure out what is best for me, because I get back after the offices have closed for the day.  
Lastly, I am really stressed about money.  Matt works SO hard to help provide for our family, he is not worried about our financial situation, but with the holidays coming and things I am.  That's why I was trying to go to work so that I can pitch in so we can have some fun spending money... hahah that would be nice right?!
Okay so now let me really get to the point, this blog post is not all about my venting I promise.  The little girl I nannie for is to put it nicely SPOILED! I am serious I have never seen a kid with so many toys before in their lives, and even though she has a little sister she still thinks they are all hers and she is not going to share them.  So basically she gets what she wants or she screams and yells... I was  not raised that way so our opinions were a little opposite.  So basically I was having to deal with a screaming child every day, one that would slap, hit, pushover her little sister until she got what she wanted, but her mom kept telling me that she is this perfect child... right.   Well we came to an agreement that things were not working out so much,  which was said because the baby loved me (no joke she chose me over her mom) and the parents were really cool.  But the 3 year old on the other hand... hahah well shes 3 what do you expect right?  So long story short I am back on the job hunt.  I was scared to not have the income help anymore but then again we are saving a bunch of money not having to fill up the gas tank every week.  So there are pros and cons...
Last night when Matt got home we had some friends over, he motioned me in to our room and just gave me the hug that I needed.  He didn't say much but asked me if I was okay, and that's all that had to be said.   It sounds a little silly but just something about that hug made it all seem okay. 
So back to what I was saying earlier about the throwing up/crying thing.  I have recently been hooked on Army Wives, so I turned on an episode and it just happened to be one of the saddest ones yet... so what did I do?  Balled like a little baby, seriously if anyone was to walk in we most likely would start laughing our heads off...  so just like feeling better after you throw up, I am now refreshed and ready to get out of my PJS, actually get some house work done, for the first time in a long time, go to the store, prepare my talk for Sunday and move on with life.  I read on my sisters page today that she is thankful that Heavenly Father gives tears as an outlet, what a blessing that is!  So thank you for all of the love and support, and for reading this long complaining post...but mostly I think I just wrote it for me so I could get everything all out in the open instead of keeping it bundled up.  Thank goodness for blogs! :)