Monday, November 14, 2011

quick up date!

 The first snow in Rexburg, Matt made snow angels... hahaha And yes he has no jacket on, I swear he is never cold!

 On our 3 month anniversary we made a fun breakfast before he headed to Twin Falls for grandma Hunts wedding. While grandpa was still alive they were working in the temple, one of their good friends in the temple wife died years before.  Well after grandpa Hunt died (a few weeks before we were married) Paul (their friend from the temple) and grandma started to spend more time together, well they hit it off and were married November 5.  Its so fun to see her so happy, she is just like a little teenage girl again!
 Karl likes to dress up in girl stuff for some reason.. hehe
 Our cute niece Ellie :) 
 Karl and Bella.  Melissa and Jason just had a new baby a week before so they were not able to come up to Twin with us so we took their other 2 girls Hailie and Bella for the weekend! :)

 We went out to eat at a gas stop in Idaho Falls called KJ's, Brian used to go there all the time so he wanted us to go with him :)  it was soo good and there hot chocolate was amazing as well... and huge! :) We are going to have to go back there for sure!
 We also went on a date night to see Madison High School's play "footloose"  Matt, Brian, and Drew were all in Marsh Valleys play Footloose in high school so it was fun to go and see it with them.  After the play they kept taking about the old times and how good they were in the play... it was really funny to watch all of them! After words we went to Kiwi Loco for some frozen yogurt :)
 Brian and Kelsey
 Drew and Ashley
This weekend we went to Inkom so Matt could practice "Homeless" for a play he is in this weekend.  When we got there on Friday night there was green grass everywhere, when we woke up there was sooo much snow! It was insane! Matt and I went to go test out the driveway and make sure it wasn't to slick... This was his coat he decided to wear out- heheh he make me laugh! :)
 He is soo good what a good little helper he is :)

 I told you Karl liked to dress up like a girl... 
 We found this blow up toy and Matt wanted to test it out in the snow.. hahaha  If you didn't already guess it didn't really work!

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  1. Looks like a fun time!! I love how Matt was in shorts and a t-shirt laying in the snow. So crazy.