Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

 Tomorrow is my amazing husbands birthday! I knew tomorrow would be hectic so I am blogging about him earlier. I am married to the most amazing, hard working, caring, selfless, love-able man EVER!  He treats me like I am a queen and works so hard for us so that we can do all the things we want to.  I seriously don't know how I got so lucky!  All I can say is thanks Brian for all the "marinating" talks and how it only gets better with time- you were so right and I don't know what I would do without Matt in my life. He even puts up with my camera fetish and lets me take lots of pictures of him.. even if he don't want one taken! :) 
 He knows how to keep hard work fun!
 He LOVES cookie dough/ cookies!  But his total favorite is pretzel M&Ms because its the perfect mix of sweet and salty (no joke he cant have anything sweet without having something salty after so its like a win win situation!) He is also very good about eating my dinners I attempt to make him every night... he will even go back for seconds!  :)
 He makes me laugh all the time! But he really is my better half, he is very good about pointing out the good in everyone and he does not believe in gossip, so he has been teaching me to be more like him which I am so grateful for!

 Did I mention he is soooo stylish?! haha He didn't want to get his head and neck burnt when we went to Mexico so he looked for a hat everywhere... I just couldn't let him not get this one!  It was mostly used for a fan but I love it just the same!! :)
 can you say tourist?! hehe
 He also happens to be the best looking man I have ever seen! :) He takes my breath away!
 How can he not?! He is such a stud!
The other day I had some of my girlfriends over and we were reminiscing about old times and how amazing Matt is- don't believe me here is a story to help convince you.

Every year all us friends come down, stay at my house and party when its conference weekend.  Well this one conference we were down in SLC, the Saturday afternoon session just got out and we decided we were all hungry.  I suggested Wendys (I am broke, and it happens to be my favorite place) well no one else liked my idea and so we went to Olive Garden instead (yeah... I could hardly afford Wendys! But we went anyway) We all sat down Me, Ashley, Emily, Melissa, Brian, and Matt... side note I had already liked Matt by this time and just waiting for him to notice that he liked me too.  So anyway Ashley and I split a meal 1. because well we were broke and 2. its Italian food which means you get tons!! Well after we finished our meals and started to get all our checks Matt told us that he got it and that it was gift from him... SERIOUS!? paying for 6 people at Olive Garden... yeah I told you he is amazing! He hates money and don't ever mind helping out those in need, after all its only money right!  (It could be why we are sooo broke now but hey thats who he is!)  Anyway now can you see how amazing he is?  And that is just one little example he does things daily just as amazing!  Like coming home from a long day of work and make dinner and do all the dishes when I was sick.
I just love him so much and couldn't be more blessed! He is going to be the best father someday, and already is the best uncle and so cute with his nieces and nephews.  So this one is to you babe!  Happy Birthday thank you so much for choosing me!  I love love love you!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prayers work

The other night we were going over our finances and it kinda got us both really depressed to realize how broke we really are.  Matt works hard, VERY hard everyday which is a bummer because I never get to see him :( but he is such a good provider for me. I got a part time job babysitting these 3 cute kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but its only 5 bucks an hour so the pay is not so well... I was just glad that I had something.  Well like we all know you get what you get from who you know right?! Right! So I was talking to Ashley and her roommate was a Nannie for this family  but her school schedule was not working so they were looking for someone new, Ashley got me all of the information I called the family Friday morning, had an interview that afternoon and she called Saturday and told me I got the job!! Which is so impressive because she said she normally only gets Nannies off of because they have background checks and everything.  We have been really stressed about not making enough money and now with this Nannie job we can make enough to hopefully pay off all debts (car, school, cards...etc) within a good amount of time! I am excited to finally be doing something  so I wont be so bored during the week without Matt!

We went to the temple last night with Ashley and Drew and we both just felt the piece that everything was going to be okay. What a blessing that is to go and get away from the world and feel the peace the Lord can bring.  I love when you go to the temple and can feel the love of those who has passed on,  today is my grandpas birthday and I know that he was there last night and watching over me.  What a gift to have the Rexburg temple right up the street from where we live.  I love the temple and the feeling that you receive from going. 

 Happy birthday to my dear grandpa, I hope grandma makes you an awesome dinner and lots of M&Ms :)  I love you and miss you so so much!! Thanks for watching over me and keeping us safe! I wish I could have one of your giant bear hugs right now but I know ill get one soon enough! :)

Over all, the Lord knows what you need and you just have to put your faith in him! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Im the Luckiest!

I just want to say how much I love this man! I have been going back and forth with him to SLC and back lately and I pretty much want to die... I don't know how he does it everyday, all day!  He works so hard all the time.  He even makes dinner, makes the bed, cleans the house, does the dishes, and lets me spend all of his tip money to decorate the house!  I don't know what I would do without him.   What a blessing he is in my  life.  I love love love you babe! Thanks for all you have done for me XOXOX

Home make over!

My AMAZING mother came up this week to help me fancy up our place! Be aware this is a picture over load but you just have to see how amazing she is! (BTW our place is TINY but its our little home!) and all the little frames that are empty or walls that look like they need a little more are all getting vinyl sayings on them, they are  just not up yet!
 Before's: Living room...

 2nd bedroom 
 master bedroom 

 We got these super duper cute chairs from some friends, we loved them the way they were before but the orange didn't go so well with our color scheme so we had to re do them!
 they were kinda a pain... hehe
 We got this idea from Pintrest!- what would I do with out that web site?! yahoo

 the "Hunt & Co" clock in the making!
 ta da!! don't they look good?! 

Drum roll please......

  the family room wall now! We themed each room, the family room is the "Christ" room the master bedroom is the "Matt and Brielle" room -du... and the 2nd room is the "friends and family" room!
 My dad and Kyron came up to visit and pick up my mom on friday... they were not so hip on all the decorating so they just took naps :)
 Bed room- once again thank you Pintrest for the cute headboard idea! 

 2nd room- friend side... no fear its never going to be a finished room there will always be more pictures!
 Family side- still need to get pictures though
 the plate wall! :) isn't it so cute! and rare, we LOVE it!! 

 Matt painted/ drew this picture... pretty much he is amazing- I married such an artist!!

Thanks mom for the total house make over, it was such a fun week- just us two! Thanks soooo much your the best! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

still playing catch up..

 After our Honeymoon we were home for 2 days and then headed back to Utah to go to St. George with my family for a couple days! We swam a ton, played games, toured Jacob Hamblin's home, watched movies, golfed, shopped, ate, ate, ate, but one of the best things was going to see the Little Mermaid at Tuscan again! 

 Thursday night we got in the car and headed back for Layton for the night so we could make it to Drew and Ashleys wedding in Logan in the morning.
 it was a really late night and a really early morning but we made it on time for their beautiful sealing, I have done baptisms at the Logan temple once before but nothing more so it was really fun to see the temple and attend a sealing!
 waiting for the newly weds to come out! :)

 They had such a beautiful reception in Inkom that night, so after the reception we just stayed at Matts house for a few days to hang out with them, play games, fix our car, and once again eat, eat, eat!
After living in our house for a week, Matt going back to work full time, and school not being in session yet I got really bored! Mindy and Mike let me take Katelyn for a few days and hang out with her! :) It worked out perfect, we went to our nieces baptism in Pocatello and from there rode the bus down to Layton, we had our families masterful discussion Sunday night but Matt had to work so he went back earlier while I stayed.  He was working Monday so he picked Katelyn and I up and we rode back to Rexburg with him on the bus (it was Katelyns first time on a bus and she loved it! we watched movies the whole time so it worked out good!) We will head back home on Wed. with Matt also. 

 We have been having so much fun! We went to Red Robin with a bunch of our friends for labor day and she was the highlight of the party! We have been watching movies, playing at the park, having a picnic (thanks to all my aunts and uncles that gave us the fabulous picnic set!) and playing at the splash park!

yay! I love that we are such good friends! :)