Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

 Tomorrow is my amazing husbands birthday! I knew tomorrow would be hectic so I am blogging about him earlier. I am married to the most amazing, hard working, caring, selfless, love-able man EVER!  He treats me like I am a queen and works so hard for us so that we can do all the things we want to.  I seriously don't know how I got so lucky!  All I can say is thanks Brian for all the "marinating" talks and how it only gets better with time- you were so right and I don't know what I would do without Matt in my life. He even puts up with my camera fetish and lets me take lots of pictures of him.. even if he don't want one taken! :) 
 He knows how to keep hard work fun!
 He LOVES cookie dough/ cookies!  But his total favorite is pretzel M&Ms because its the perfect mix of sweet and salty (no joke he cant have anything sweet without having something salty after so its like a win win situation!) He is also very good about eating my dinners I attempt to make him every night... he will even go back for seconds!  :)
 He makes me laugh all the time! But he really is my better half, he is very good about pointing out the good in everyone and he does not believe in gossip, so he has been teaching me to be more like him which I am so grateful for!

 Did I mention he is soooo stylish?! haha He didn't want to get his head and neck burnt when we went to Mexico so he looked for a hat everywhere... I just couldn't let him not get this one!  It was mostly used for a fan but I love it just the same!! :)
 can you say tourist?! hehe
 He also happens to be the best looking man I have ever seen! :) He takes my breath away!
 How can he not?! He is such a stud!
The other day I had some of my girlfriends over and we were reminiscing about old times and how amazing Matt is- don't believe me here is a story to help convince you.

Every year all us friends come down, stay at my house and party when its conference weekend.  Well this one conference we were down in SLC, the Saturday afternoon session just got out and we decided we were all hungry.  I suggested Wendys (I am broke, and it happens to be my favorite place) well no one else liked my idea and so we went to Olive Garden instead (yeah... I could hardly afford Wendys! But we went anyway) We all sat down Me, Ashley, Emily, Melissa, Brian, and Matt... side note I had already liked Matt by this time and just waiting for him to notice that he liked me too.  So anyway Ashley and I split a meal 1. because well we were broke and 2. its Italian food which means you get tons!! Well after we finished our meals and started to get all our checks Matt told us that he got it and that it was gift from him... SERIOUS!? paying for 6 people at Olive Garden... yeah I told you he is amazing! He hates money and don't ever mind helping out those in need, after all its only money right!  (It could be why we are sooo broke now but hey thats who he is!)  Anyway now can you see how amazing he is?  And that is just one little example he does things daily just as amazing!  Like coming home from a long day of work and make dinner and do all the dishes when I was sick.
I just love him so much and couldn't be more blessed! He is going to be the best father someday, and already is the best uncle and so cute with his nieces and nephews.  So this one is to you babe!  Happy Birthday thank you so much for choosing me!  I love love love you!!!!


  1. I love all the pictures! haha. I love you and Matt together. It's perfectly perfect. Happy Birthday to Matt!

  2. I love this post! Matt is great. I remember that trip to Olive Garden. How could I forget? "She'll have a salad." Matt really is the greatest! You are one lucky girl! And HE is one lucky guy!! ;) Love you both! Happy belated Birthday Matt!