Tuesday, September 6, 2011

still playing catch up..

 After our Honeymoon we were home for 2 days and then headed back to Utah to go to St. George with my family for a couple days! We swam a ton, played games, toured Jacob Hamblin's home, watched movies, golfed, shopped, ate, ate, ate, but one of the best things was going to see the Little Mermaid at Tuscan again! 

 Thursday night we got in the car and headed back for Layton for the night so we could make it to Drew and Ashleys wedding in Logan in the morning.
 it was a really late night and a really early morning but we made it on time for their beautiful sealing, I have done baptisms at the Logan temple once before but nothing more so it was really fun to see the temple and attend a sealing!
 waiting for the newly weds to come out! :)

 They had such a beautiful reception in Inkom that night, so after the reception we just stayed at Matts house for a few days to hang out with them, play games, fix our car, and once again eat, eat, eat!
After living in our house for a week, Matt going back to work full time, and school not being in session yet I got really bored! Mindy and Mike let me take Katelyn for a few days and hang out with her! :) It worked out perfect, we went to our nieces baptism in Pocatello and from there rode the bus down to Layton, we had our families masterful discussion Sunday night but Matt had to work so he went back earlier while I stayed.  He was working Monday so he picked Katelyn and I up and we rode back to Rexburg with him on the bus (it was Katelyns first time on a bus and she loved it! we watched movies the whole time so it worked out good!) We will head back home on Wed. with Matt also. 

 We have been having so much fun! We went to Red Robin with a bunch of our friends for labor day and she was the highlight of the party! We have been watching movies, playing at the park, having a picnic (thanks to all my aunts and uncles that gave us the fabulous picnic set!) and playing at the splash park!

yay! I love that we are such good friends! :)  

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