Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prayers work

The other night we were going over our finances and it kinda got us both really depressed to realize how broke we really are.  Matt works hard, VERY hard everyday which is a bummer because I never get to see him :( but he is such a good provider for me. I got a part time job babysitting these 3 cute kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but its only 5 bucks an hour so the pay is not so well... I was just glad that I had something.  Well like we all know you get what you get from who you know right?! Right! So I was talking to Ashley and her roommate was a Nannie for this family  but her school schedule was not working so they were looking for someone new, Ashley got me all of the information I called the family Friday morning, had an interview that afternoon and she called Saturday and told me I got the job!! Which is so impressive because she said she normally only gets Nannies off of because they have background checks and everything.  We have been really stressed about not making enough money and now with this Nannie job we can make enough to hopefully pay off all debts (car, school, cards...etc) within a good amount of time! I am excited to finally be doing something  so I wont be so bored during the week without Matt!

We went to the temple last night with Ashley and Drew and we both just felt the piece that everything was going to be okay. What a blessing that is to go and get away from the world and feel the peace the Lord can bring.  I love when you go to the temple and can feel the love of those who has passed on,  today is my grandpas birthday and I know that he was there last night and watching over me.  What a gift to have the Rexburg temple right up the street from where we live.  I love the temple and the feeling that you receive from going. 

 Happy birthday to my dear grandpa, I hope grandma makes you an awesome dinner and lots of M&Ms :)  I love you and miss you so so much!! Thanks for watching over me and keeping us safe! I wish I could have one of your giant bear hugs right now but I know ill get one soon enough! :)

Over all, the Lord knows what you need and you just have to put your faith in him! 

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