Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When life gets you down...

When life gets you down you just gotta get back up... or thats what they say at least.  But trust me it is not that easy.  This week our family got some terrible news again (I say again because it came back...) Remember when Babe did THIS? We thought Marshall was finally free of his Leukemia but due to some back pain he went in for some tests and found out his bone marrow is 80% cancerous.  When Babe called and told me this it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I can't even imagine what his sweet wife is feeling.  I look up to her so much.  Not even a week ago Marshall, Amanda and Kez were in Inkom with us, it seemed like nothing was wrong and just like that it is all changed again.  Some times life sucks you know that?  I am amazed everyday at the strength they have though.  Marshall still smiles, makes up songs, and makes everyone feel better even though he is the one going to chemo.   So if you would just say a little extra pray for them tonight.  If you would like to keep up dated and learn more go check out their blog, you wont be disappointed... Somehow I am always getting uplifted by hearing what they have to say.  We love you Marshall, Amanda, and Kezman!  You are in our prayers! Keep the faith!

Monday, February 25, 2013

As Promised!

The first main thing on the list today... We got Babe's official letter of acceptance (when I mentioned it before we had just received a phone call... not as exciting as a letter!)
Babe even went and job shadowed a Chiropractor here in town (turns out he was the brother of one of my cousins wife... small world aye?) And he LOVED it, it just made him even more excited to be doing this for the rest of his life! :) He seriously lights up when he starts to talk about the human body, seriously don't get him started ;)  He even aced his Anatomy test with more then 100%.  I love that he found something that he loves so much!  

President's Day weekend we went to Inkom for our annual sledding party.  The numbers of friends coming are staring to dwindle but we still had fun!  On Saturday Melissa and I went shopping in town and then she treated me to my first manicure  its okay though because she has money from her "real job!" haha The whole time she just kept telling me "Oh when you have a real job..." :)  I loved spending so much time with her since I havent really gotten to since she moved to Price.
That night we played games, hung out with family and had to much cinnamon roll cake. I love Inkom this time of year, its sooo gorgeous!! Sunday we went to church, ate some more, slept, played games, and awed over my mother in laws talent for making amazing things out of plastic canvas and yarn (don't get me started on her quilting skills!) After making lots of barbie things for Christmas she made this Noah's Ark for the grandkids to play with, even though I wish I could just have it!  It's seriously amazing I don't know how she does it! Monday Kyron came up with his friend Lindsay, we got all dressed in our snow clothes and headed for the mountain hill that seemed like a mountain (seriously this hill is MASSIVE!) We went down the hill maybe twice before we were exhausted and ready for come hot chocolate. Hung out some more and then headed back to Rexburg.
We spent the next few days in Rexburg before heading back down to Inkom for another weekend.  The entire family was there (minus Karl since he is on his mission in Japan...) The house was crowed and loud but just the way I like it. We waited patiently Friday night and Saturday morning for the arrival of Sam and Vanessa to come (Vanessa lives in Cali and came down for the weekend so Sam went to SLC to pick her up...).  We helped Sam plan out how he wanted to ask Vanessa to marry him so we just had to be there for the big event.  Thanks to the amazing Dassia we all had awesome shirts that spelt out "Will you marry me?" With lots of question marks, XOXO's and exclamation points (we have a huge family what can we say...) Sam was wearing the "Me" shirt so when she came around the corner she could see him.  The day turned out perfect and she said yes of course!  We couldn't be more excited for her to become a part of our family, she is perfect for Sam and now I won't be the only daughter n law :) 

If you wanna see how it all worked here is the video of it all happening! Congrats Sam and Vanessa!! We love you! 

So I think that brings us up till now... Sorry again for slacking!  It's just one of those weeks/months ;)  We get to go to my house this weekend (I know, I know a serious amount of traveling right?) but I am stoked and can't wait to see this cute little boy and hold him again!  Be jealous... :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slacker much?

Okay okay... for those few that actually read my blog I am sorry I have been away for a while.  Life gets the better of me and it's been a crazy few weeks!  Stay tuned for tomorrow where I promise to catch you up on lives recent happenings as best as I can. But for now I am heading to bed, cuddling with babe, and getting ready for another long week!  Good night!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ready... Set... GO!!

My 4 day weekend has officially started! whoop whoop! I am just waiting for Babe to get home and then we are headed to Inkom for some much needed away time, family, friends, food, sledding, sleeping, games, and movies!  Try not to be to jealous ;) I thought nothing could make this weekend better but guess what it did... but actually a few things did

1. I passed my major Sped 310 law test which means I don't have to retake the class!  I can officially graduate in April! You will understand why it was so important to pass it if you keep reading on...

2. For a long time now my In-laws have been wanting to add on to their house but more importantly fix their kitchen.  Seriously their kitchen is a joke.  And from how much cooking goes on in there it needs some serious help, well they are starting the plans to redo it IN 2 WEEKS!! The guy that is custom making their cabinets had a opening so they jumped on it fast.  My mothers dreams are finally coming true!  Now we just have to work on the extension part :)

3. Last but not least we found out today that Babe officially got accepted into Cleveland Chiropractic School!  The only bummer is it's in Kansas which means we have to move far away from our families :( But we have some really good friends down there that we are excited to spend more time with.  We are still trying to figure out when we are leaving (depending on whether or not we have a wedding to attend this summer ;) wink wink) we most likely will be leaving end of August or September. It just feels really good and we are excited for this new adventure, nervous but excited!  We are finally moving on with our lives!!  And it helps that Babe LOVES what he is doing, I get so excited watching him learn about the bones and muscles and stuff.  He tries to teach them to me but I'm hopeless.  I have mastered how to just smile, nod, and pretend to know what he is talking about.  Well there you have it, crazy right? But sooo exciting! Here is to new adventures!

I hope everyone else enjoys their weekend, I know we will!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Eternal Valentine!

I'm the luckest! I love you Babe, thanks for choosing me to be yours! Happy Valentine's Day!

Last Minute Valentine Candle Holder

Check these out, pretty cute eh?  If you don't have something to put on your table tonight these are really easy and adorable!  Go HERE

Monday, February 11, 2013

The other night Babe and I talked our friends into going grocery shopping so that we could watch their little girl, Abbi.  I just can't get enough of this girl.  We played with her bouncer, took lots of pictures, watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which she loves), and dreamed a ton of having our own family someday soon (hopefully!).  Thanks Drew and Ashley for letting us hang out with Abbi and get some much needed baby time in. :)  Oh and thanks for always making us dinner, we love your pintrest recipes! :)

Hair Bow Holder Sneak Peek

This weeks tutorial on this awesome blog (go HERE) is this adorable hair bow/ headband holder.  Stay tuned for the step by step, coming tomorrow! Just thought I would get you all excited to check back tomorrow ;) Have a good night!


Help,  what do I do for Valentines day?  Normally Babe and I switch off every year for who is in charge of valentines day or our anniversary.  This year should be his year for Valentines but we just switched it up and now I will always be in charge for V-day and Babe will be in charge for our anniversary.  For some odd reason Babe just doesn't appreciate V-day...;) I think it is more of a holiday for girls to feel better about themselves.  Why should there be just 1 day where you proclaim your love? Shouldn't it be all year long?  Even if that's true (which I also believe) it is still something fun to celebrate.  I am BIG into holidays, to say I love them would be an understatement.  Babe on the other hand is fine with just Christmas (shocking right?).  I go all out with decorating our house, and pinning everything I can find that might be fun to make or do.  But this year I am stumped... What have you done that you have loved? Any ideas? Anything would help, think about it and let me know! Just remember we are poor college students that normally eat cereal every night... :) Thanks!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We're Hooked...

Things you might not know...

I saw this on a friends blog and thought I would still the idea because I liked it so much... So here it goes!  10 things you might not know about me.

1. I always have to have my nails and toe nails painted.  Yes even in the winter my toe nails are painted even though I wear socks 24-7. 
2. I LOVE photography (okay most people already know that...)  I am not good by any means but just being behind the camera pretending like I am is good enough.  Even though if you ask Babe he would tell you I take wayyyy to many pictures.  But hey he knew I loved pictures when he married me... I also love being in front of the camera (humble I know) I may pretend like I don't but really if it's a flattering picture of me I don't mind.
3. I love to organize and clean, not necessarily my own home but everyone elses.  When I was little my dream job was to be a maid.  When I would go over and play with one of my friends I would just clean her room while we talked, I got all the change I could find around her room and since she hated change and threw it everywhere I would make quite a hall.  So if I am at your house and start cleaning it, don't take it personally I just LOVE to do it!  Just ask Drew and Ashley (you don't want me over on the day your organize your closet, because that wont be the only thing you end up cleaning) ;)
4. I am very good at faking my feelings. I am the type of person that holds it all in until that breaking point.  Only a few people can tell what I am really feeling at certain times. Good thing Babe is one of them because he makes me face them and deal with them instead of just pushing them aside. 
5.  I have had the same best friend since kindergarten.  We were in every class together except 5th grade.  We even came to college together and were roommates every semester we were on track. Her family calls me "CB" it stands for Craven/Bedke (our last names) I love going over there every chance I can get.  Ashley is on a mission right now in Knoxville Tennessee, but I get to see her again in 11 months! 
6. The minute I get home I change into my comfy clothes.  I just don't see the point in being uncomfortable when I don't have to.  Do you blame me?
7. Pineapple is my all time favorite fruit.  I could, and may or may not have eaten a whole one by my self on several occasions. Whether its canned or fresh I'll take it! (BTW how do YOU pick a pineapple?  I have heard several ways but most of them require me looking like a fool to scratch and sniff the bottom of them... any other suggestions?)
8. I hate talking on the phone.  Okay lets be honest I am more like terrified.  I don't know why I just am.  I am a phone-a-phobic, no joke if I don't know the number I wont answer it (sometimes I wont even if I do...)  The hardest thing about being a supervisor in Preschool is having to call all the parents.  I seriously freakout every time.  Good thing Babe is so good to me and will do a lot of my calling for me...;)
9. I have a ton of a normal amount of stuff.  Babe would call me a pack rat (but referring back to #3 you would never know it...) I just never know when I am going to need it.   I wont even tell you how many trips from Inkom to Rexburg we had to take to get all of our stuff here... I do go through and get rid of stuff if I haven't used it in a while.  My sister would agree to this because her closet if full of all of my clothes I don't like anymore. 
10. I cannot sew to save my life.  Every time I touch a sewing machine the needle breaks or something else does.  That is not an exaggeration.  Good thing my mom is really good at it and will fix all my clothes or make me stuff I might need. :)

Well there you have it 10 things that you might not of known about me...  My 11. Thing would be depending on the day I am kinda full of myself and could go on for hours about me but today's your lucky day I'll stop at 10, wanna know anything else?  Just ask! :) 

What don't I know about you?  Give it a try and lets see!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Need a good laugh?

If you have not already seen this you HAVE to it is so cute!  It will bring a smile to your face that's for sure!  Click HERE to see it if the link above wont work for you.  Enjoy :)

Oh and while you are at it you should check this one out.  My grandma sent this to me and I couldn't stop laughing!  Enjoy!

Why does this happen to me?

Something terrible happened yesterday... To you it might not seem that big but for me it's HUGE!  I was going back to school to do some last minute homework while I waited for Babe to be done with his lab and before I went to volunteer at the special needs Institute (as much as I wish I was that sincere of a person, it was for a class...).  Anyway I ran to get my SD card out of my camera.  Because who wants to carry around their camera when you can just get the SD card, right?  Well I was planning on getting a post ready for my new blog with my sisters (check it out HERE).  The night before I had taken pictures, step by step on how to make orange chicken (trust me you are missing out on life until you try it.) and I was going to make a tutorial so everyone can join in on this life changing chicken.  Well somewhere in between going to school and coming home I lost it.  Devastated does not even begin to describe how I feel.  My life was on that thing.  32G of memories gone.  Not only am I sad about my food tutorial now but I also took lots of adorable pictures of Abbi... I have felt sick about it ever since.  After Babe and I looked EVERYWHERE and still didn't find it we decided to come home and just pray and have faith that it would turn up.  So until then I am still praying!  Cross your fingers everyone, we need all the luck we can get!

On a positive note thought I got a very nice picture in the mail yesterday from my adorable niece Katelyn.  That helped a little.  Thank goodness for inspired children that make everything seem just that much better!  I am so lucky to have 12 (almost 13) nieces and nephews!! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thoughts for Sunday

Babe and I decided to switch to the family ward instead of the married student ward.  This was one of the best decisions we have made in a while. We liked our last ward but we LOVE this ward and we have only been 2 times already.  Today in Relief Society we were talking about visiting teaching the lesson ended and our relief society president stood up to conclude when she did something that I will never forget.  She came over to a girl sitting in front of me had her stand up and said to everyone.  "Who is this?" everyone then kind of looked around at each other and a few people knew her name.  Then she said "This is Jordan, she is now one of us." She then came to me, had me stand up put her arm around me and asked the same question.  "This is Brielle, she is now part of us."  She then went to a few other new members in our ward and did the same thing.  Never be have I felt so accepted and welcomed into a ward.  All growing up I was in the same ward so everyone already knew me but living here I never really got close to any ward members.  I know how bad this is but today was the first day that I actually got a testimony of relief society.  I am thankful for inspired leaders and for feeling welcome in a new ward.  What a blessing that is. 

I know that this is an inspired church, we have such amazing leaders.  President Monson is called of God and leads this church.  I know that Joseph Smith restored this church and that it is the only true church upon the earth today.  I know that families are forever and that we will get to see those who have passed on before.  I know that temples are houses of God and that when we got to them we will be blessed and feel of his love.  I am thankful that Matt holds the priesthood and that he is worthy of that.  I am thankful that I can receive a blessing whenever I need one. I know that our Savior has a plan for me and that I just need to have faith in that plan and that everything will work out in the end.  I am thankful to be part of this church and for the testimony that I have, thank you for letting me share a part of it with you.  I hope you all have a happy Sabbath!