Friday, February 15, 2013

Ready... Set... GO!!

My 4 day weekend has officially started! whoop whoop! I am just waiting for Babe to get home and then we are headed to Inkom for some much needed away time, family, friends, food, sledding, sleeping, games, and movies!  Try not to be to jealous ;) I thought nothing could make this weekend better but guess what it did... but actually a few things did

1. I passed my major Sped 310 law test which means I don't have to retake the class!  I can officially graduate in April! You will understand why it was so important to pass it if you keep reading on...

2. For a long time now my In-laws have been wanting to add on to their house but more importantly fix their kitchen.  Seriously their kitchen is a joke.  And from how much cooking goes on in there it needs some serious help, well they are starting the plans to redo it IN 2 WEEKS!! The guy that is custom making their cabinets had a opening so they jumped on it fast.  My mothers dreams are finally coming true!  Now we just have to work on the extension part :)

3. Last but not least we found out today that Babe officially got accepted into Cleveland Chiropractic School!  The only bummer is it's in Kansas which means we have to move far away from our families :( But we have some really good friends down there that we are excited to spend more time with.  We are still trying to figure out when we are leaving (depending on whether or not we have a wedding to attend this summer ;) wink wink) we most likely will be leaving end of August or September. It just feels really good and we are excited for this new adventure, nervous but excited!  We are finally moving on with our lives!!  And it helps that Babe LOVES what he is doing, I get so excited watching him learn about the bones and muscles and stuff.  He tries to teach them to me but I'm hopeless.  I have mastered how to just smile, nod, and pretend to know what he is talking about.  Well there you have it, crazy right? But sooo exciting! Here is to new adventures!

I hope everyone else enjoys their weekend, I know we will!


  1. Whoa~! Congrats Matt!! Excited for you guys--yeah! Let's start planning a family vacation to KANSAS next summer...RIGHT NOW!

  2. Yay!!!! HE GOT IN!!!! How exciting! I know Lindsay is excited for you guys to get there! How fun! And good job passing the law exam. It is no joke! You are awesome!

  3. Cute blog!