Monday, February 25, 2013

As Promised!

The first main thing on the list today... We got Babe's official letter of acceptance (when I mentioned it before we had just received a phone call... not as exciting as a letter!)
Babe even went and job shadowed a Chiropractor here in town (turns out he was the brother of one of my cousins wife... small world aye?) And he LOVED it, it just made him even more excited to be doing this for the rest of his life! :) He seriously lights up when he starts to talk about the human body, seriously don't get him started ;)  He even aced his Anatomy test with more then 100%.  I love that he found something that he loves so much!  

President's Day weekend we went to Inkom for our annual sledding party.  The numbers of friends coming are staring to dwindle but we still had fun!  On Saturday Melissa and I went shopping in town and then she treated me to my first manicure  its okay though because she has money from her "real job!" haha The whole time she just kept telling me "Oh when you have a real job..." :)  I loved spending so much time with her since I havent really gotten to since she moved to Price.
That night we played games, hung out with family and had to much cinnamon roll cake. I love Inkom this time of year, its sooo gorgeous!! Sunday we went to church, ate some more, slept, played games, and awed over my mother in laws talent for making amazing things out of plastic canvas and yarn (don't get me started on her quilting skills!) After making lots of barbie things for Christmas she made this Noah's Ark for the grandkids to play with, even though I wish I could just have it!  It's seriously amazing I don't know how she does it! Monday Kyron came up with his friend Lindsay, we got all dressed in our snow clothes and headed for the mountain hill that seemed like a mountain (seriously this hill is MASSIVE!) We went down the hill maybe twice before we were exhausted and ready for come hot chocolate. Hung out some more and then headed back to Rexburg.
We spent the next few days in Rexburg before heading back down to Inkom for another weekend.  The entire family was there (minus Karl since he is on his mission in Japan...) The house was crowed and loud but just the way I like it. We waited patiently Friday night and Saturday morning for the arrival of Sam and Vanessa to come (Vanessa lives in Cali and came down for the weekend so Sam went to SLC to pick her up...).  We helped Sam plan out how he wanted to ask Vanessa to marry him so we just had to be there for the big event.  Thanks to the amazing Dassia we all had awesome shirts that spelt out "Will you marry me?" With lots of question marks, XOXO's and exclamation points (we have a huge family what can we say...) Sam was wearing the "Me" shirt so when she came around the corner she could see him.  The day turned out perfect and she said yes of course!  We couldn't be more excited for her to become a part of our family, she is perfect for Sam and now I won't be the only daughter n law :) 

If you wanna see how it all worked here is the video of it all happening! Congrats Sam and Vanessa!! We love you! 

So I think that brings us up till now... Sorry again for slacking!  It's just one of those weeks/months ;)  We get to go to my house this weekend (I know, I know a serious amount of traveling right?) but I am stoked and can't wait to see this cute little boy and hold him again!  Be jealous... :)

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