Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why does this happen to me?

Something terrible happened yesterday... To you it might not seem that big but for me it's HUGE!  I was going back to school to do some last minute homework while I waited for Babe to be done with his lab and before I went to volunteer at the special needs Institute (as much as I wish I was that sincere of a person, it was for a class...).  Anyway I ran to get my SD card out of my camera.  Because who wants to carry around their camera when you can just get the SD card, right?  Well I was planning on getting a post ready for my new blog with my sisters (check it out HERE).  The night before I had taken pictures, step by step on how to make orange chicken (trust me you are missing out on life until you try it.) and I was going to make a tutorial so everyone can join in on this life changing chicken.  Well somewhere in between going to school and coming home I lost it.  Devastated does not even begin to describe how I feel.  My life was on that thing.  32G of memories gone.  Not only am I sad about my food tutorial now but I also took lots of adorable pictures of Abbi... I have felt sick about it ever since.  After Babe and I looked EVERYWHERE and still didn't find it we decided to come home and just pray and have faith that it would turn up.  So until then I am still praying!  Cross your fingers everyone, we need all the luck we can get!

On a positive note thought I got a very nice picture in the mail yesterday from my adorable niece Katelyn.  That helped a little.  Thank goodness for inspired children that make everything seem just that much better!  I am so lucky to have 12 (almost 13) nieces and nephews!! :)

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