Sunday, March 27, 2016


Jenson has grown up so much since last Easter!  

 Our Easter bunny shows up on Saturday at our house, so on Sunday we can really focus on the Savior!  This year Jenson hit the jack pot! 

 ^^ He HATED the easter bunny.. but really can you blame him? #creepybunny ^^
 Jenson did so well with the Easter Egg hunt this year.  We had a little neighbor egg hunt this year, in-between the rain storms! 

 Last year vs this year!

 ^^ Easter basket! This year it was mostly full of busy things to do on the airplane for when we go home. ^^

^^ Two peas in a pod! ^^

Friday, March 25, 2016

Tribal baby shower!

I helped throw a Tribal baby shower for 2 ladies in our ward, both having boys!!  I love decorating for parties, and now that I have a silhouette  I may go a little over board.  No need to toot my own horn but I think it was pretty cute! So tooot tooot!

We believe that every child should be celebrated- even if it's both their 5th baby!  We sure love babies! And it's a good excuse to get together for a girls night! 

Such a fun night with some amazing women! 

March happenings!

In between holidays March was filled with days at the park, zoo trips, walks around the neighborhood, and hanging out with friends!  

^^ St. Patricks day ^^

Friday, March 11, 2016

Kansas City Temple

Final stop on our Kansas tour was the Temple.  My parents were kind of enough to watch all our kids so we could all go to the temple and do some family sealing!  It had been a while since I had done those.  It was so fun to remember those covenants we made (almost 5 years ago!). 

 It was so hard saying good bye to my family but it was a fun filled week we will never forget!