Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Adam- Ondi- Ahman

Next Stop, Adam- Ondi- Ahman.  Mom was nice enough to stay in the car with Jenson while he napped (what would I do without my mom?)  We headed down to Preachers Rock.  This is where Joseph Smith stood to "preach" to the people and soldiers.  While standing on the rock you can just talk in your normal voice and those clear out in the field can still hear you.  It's pretty incredible.   
This is where we were standing while dad was on the rock telling a story about Joseph Smith (one I have never heard of before!  Can I just say want a amazing prophet he was?!) It was kind of hard to hear from all of the wind but how crazy is it that he was not even yelling and we could hear him!

Babe and I had been here a few times before but never knew about Lyman Whites house, located there as well.  Of course dad knew right where it was and took us to go see it (it's right down from preachers rock!) Well what is left of his house anyway ;) 
^^ Where his well was^^
You can still see the foundation, and some stairs.  Someone else lived there after and built on to his a little.  But seriously- how cool is that? 

We ate our dinner there, and tried not to blow away in the wind! haha  
Jenson had a short nap so he was really cranky but the show must go on! 

Funny story... there was a father and son down by the rock when we came back from looking at the house.  They took our picture for us and then wanted us to sit down on the rock and "ponder" out into the field.  Apparently with the lighting it was a really cool shot or something.. haha we just felt stupid/ awkward as we sat there so some kid could take our picture for his collection. lol

To learn more about Adam-Ondi-Ahman you can go HERE

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