Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Hunt

From Baby:
Mommy and Daddy waited for so long to hear that I was finally coming.  It had been months and months and mommy was getting worried that I would never come.  Mom was dying to take a pregnancy test but dad didn't want her to because he was afraid that it would be a negative again and he didn't want to see her like that.  But mom just couldn't wait any longer, she just had to know!  Mom and Dad were in Inkom at grandma and grandpas Hunt's house when mom snuck downstairs and took the test.  Mom tried to distract herself while she waited, the longest two minutes of her life! This test would change their life forever, so much pressure.  It was time to look at the results but now mommy couldn't look at it, she was to scared, but that didn't last long.  Was that really a second line?  Or was mom imagining that it was there because she wanted it so bad?  Mom started to cry instantly, she texted dad to come downstairs but he didn't answer.  Mom tried to pull herself together so it wasn't so obvious she had just been crying.  Lucky for her dad came down to see what she was doing.  His hands were covered in silicone from working upstairs so he came to see if mom could get it off his hands, little did he know what he was walking into.  Mom started to look at his funny and he didn't get it.  She handed him the test and asked if he could also see the 2 lines.  He was in shock and mom just balled again, once it sunk in more dad cried some too.  After being gone for quite some time they were nervous everyone would start to catch on so once again they pulled themselves together  and went upstairs.  No one had a clue, success! Later that day they headed down to Utah to celebrate May birthdays with the Cravens.  They could only keep it a secret for 1 day until Grandma Craven started to catch on, she's a genius. Grandpa came home and they told him as well, once again mom found herself crying.  Mom says she can cry without being judged now because of something called hormons, thank goodness!  Mom and dad waited another week to tell Grandma and Grandpa Hunt, this way they could do it in a fun way. Mom and dad went shopping for the perfect "grandma" gift.  Mom found a baby poem and dad got a big goodie jar filled with candies.  Grandma knew right away what we were telling them grandpa caught on soon after.  Now my sneaky parents had to keep it a secret from everyone else, not an easy task.
To baby:
We are so blessed and can't wait to meet you.  Mommy still can't believe that you are really coming some nights she can't sleep just thinking about you.  We promise we will love and take care of you always.  We don't want to brag but you have some pretty awesome parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and some really fun cousins!  We love you so much already and know that our love will only grow stronger each day!

The doctor says I have a good heart beat, nice and fast! He told Mom and Dad that they used to say a fast heart beat means I am a girl... I guess we will have to wait and see! 
They say I am about the size of a Lima Bean, I am even shaped like one don't you think?

The doctor also said this thing was important... Mom doesn't really remember what it was called but its there and I am healthy! Yay!!

Here is how my family found out about me:

Or if you prefer the shortened version with just reactions (and a few words from our friends!):

How everyone else found out:


Friday, June 21, 2013

Hard work paying off

It was a pretty big day yesterday in the Craven house.  All of dads hard work finally paid off when we got to pick some peas and broccoli for our dinner!  It just had to be documented!  Dad has THE BEST GARDEN around. It's a ton of hard work but he LOVES it.  I was helping him water some things the other day and it seriously took what seemed like FOREVER and it was only a few rows of corn that I was watering.  He has such patience and green thumb! It's seriously the best eating your own home grown food :)  Thanks dad for all of your hard work in YOUR garden!  

Have to find the biggest one to pick...


Zoo Day

Summer time just isn't complete without a trip to the Zoo.  Mindy has an awesome pass that can get us all in for free so who could pass that up! The zoo is under some MAJOR construction right now and so you can seriously only see a few animals (LAME) but we can't complain to much since it was free I guess... 

I just love this picture of these two! 

Waiting for the bird show to start (its about the only cool thing at the zoo right now!)
Baby Benjamin :)

 Katelyn got to help out in the show as a "bird trainer"  we were all pretty surprised she didn't freak out!

"I want to go that way!"  He didn't really like the thought of leaving...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Katelyn's Kindergarten Graduation

Wow I can't believe how big Katelyn as already gotten, already graduating from Kindergarden.  This was such a cute ceremony.  They sang about 5 songs or so with actions and everything.  Katelyn is just so funny to watch.  She is so animated or she would break out in random dance when no one else was. If she wasn't singing and paying attention she was checking out everyone else around her and just watching them.  Haha My favorite was when she started blowing kisses to everyone- Our life wouldn't be the same without her! 

Sorry its really shaky but you get the idea..

 Notice how everyone else is sitting down getting ready to sing the next song... haha

 "Ta Da!"

 Happy graduation sweet girl!  We are so proud of you and all you do! We love you!

Elder Kyron

It's so weird to think Kyron is growing up... He will be leaving on his mission in July and every week he is just getting closer and closer.  Kyron was ordained an Elder May 26th, weird. But look at that good looking bunch of boys we have in our family! Jillisa and Austin were out of town hence the  reason Austin is not in the picture... 
I find it quite funny that Babe is the tallest in his family but one of the shorter ones in my family... haha its funny how it all works out.  
Congrats Kyron, we are so proud of you and the choices you have been making.  It's such a blessing to have a worthy husband, father, and brothers that all hold he priesthood.  We love you!!

Kyron's Seminary Graduation

Well folks Kyron did it, he actually graduated from Seminary (not like we were worried he wouldn't... like someone else we all know.) ;) 
Babe was in Yellowstone for work so I was flying solo, like I am going to be doing for most of the summer but it was still fun to be with the family.  

Congrats Ky, now on to High School Graduation! (This week!!)

Memorial Day

 We had a fabulous Memorial weekend it mostly consisted of relaxing, helping Mike and Mindy with their bathroom re modle and visiting G&G Watson's grave.
 Dad had a pretty awesome FHE lesson planned, he taught the kids about the plan of salvation and we talked about things we remembered about Grandma and Grandpa.  Since they are a little to young to remember either of them it didn't really turn out like dad was thinking but it was still really nice to reflect on things that I remembered.  Babe never got to meet either of them so it's been fun telling him all about them and things that I remembered.

 Mike and Mindy have been working on their bathroom all day (hence their lovely atire). Isn't my mom so beautiful? And the best Grandma around!
 After we visited their grave we talked dad into buying us ice cream so we headed to Arctic Circle and all enjoyed our dipped cones. What a fabulous weekend to reflect on those who have passed on and for those who have and still are severing our country.
My cousin Ryan joined the Air Force and was stationed in Ogden so he actually got to live with us for a while.  I loved that time we got to spend together and getting to know him more.  Both my Grandpas also served.  I am so thankful for their service and their examples to me.  I am so blessed to live in this country and have the freedoms I have.  God Bless America! ;)