Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Utah Trip Continued- with WAY to many pictures!

If you missed some of the fun things we have already done you can catch up HERE
Most of our days are spent around this little dude's nap schedule (he is just like his dad and if he doesn't get his sleep then he is GRUMPY!)
 ^^ don't worry I fixed his arm, I just had to get a picture first of course!^^
 ^^ When we first got here it was freezing (good thing I was at least thinking clear enough to dress Jenson in something warm, even if I was in shorts and flip flops!) The weather has warmed up though and we love it!  Babe and I found Jenson this hat before we came and I am seriously in love with it, can he get any cuter?^^
 ^^ hanging out with Grandma while watching Grandpa in the garden^^

 ^^ I don't like these pictures of me but you can see Jenson's cute little giggle/smile that I can't get enough of! how did I get so lucky to be this boys mom?^^
 ^^ It's a tradition!  It might make people nervous looking at this picture but it makes me happier then a kid with a kids meal!^^

 ^^ For my birthday my sister planned a girls night where we could watch "Life as We Know It" like one of my all time favorite movies! I got pretty spoiled and my sister did my toes all cute, and my dad was the "Butler" and made us milk shakes too!^^
My amazing sister n laws threw Jenson and I a baby shower while we were there.  It was fun to have all of our Hunt family meet Jenson!  

 ^^ All of Jenson's girl cousins just couldn't get enough of him, they made sure he was always being watched over!^^

 We had a hard day on Sunday that sent us both to tears but I was sure thankful for so many family members to give me a break and take over for me until Jenson calmed down again!

 ^^ May is our birthday month (just in my family alone we have a birthday on the 1st, 8th, 9th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 27th)  that means lots of cake and presents! ^^

 ^^ Spending some time with Grandma and Grandpa Great^^

^^ Drew and Ashley had a meeting in SLC so we got to see them before they went back to Idaho!^^

 ^^ Jenson also had his first taste of rice cereal (5/20/14) and LOVED it!  He is still trying to get the whole spoon things down but he does pretty well!
 ^^ I love being home and doing all the little day to day things that my family does.  We went to Auklin's preschool graduation and soft ball game one night- what an athletic little boy he is!  It was also really fun to be in a preschool classroom again, even if I wasn't teaching! ^^


^^ Jenson had a lot of firsts, another one of which was being in a bouncer.  He also LOVED this, he could sit in there all day!  He loved kicking/standing and attempting to spin around.  Now we just have to get one of our own!^^

^^ Babe FINALLY came on Thursday (5/22) we decided to celebrate by going to the Zoo- we love the zoo and spending it with our family was even better!  We missed the a lot of animals due to renovations (that are opening up again this week-we just missed it dang it!) but we still had a blast! ^^

^^ Much needed daddy snuggles and playing outside- I love Utah nights!^^
^^ On Friday one of my best friends got married and my mom was nice enough to watch Jenson for us during the wedding and luncheon- our first real "date" since Jenson was born!  She sure makes a beautiful bride and I couldn't be happier for her and Kevin!^^
^^ After the wedding we went to costco where Matt saw Karl for the first time since his mission!^^
^^ We headed down to Sandy for Melissa and Kevin's reception later that night and enjoyed the evening trying all of the AMAZING cupcakes (a few times!), laughing way to hard, and #creatingmemories!  I sure love all of my sisters (and cousins who are more like sisters anyway!) ^^

^^ On Saturday we went to hit  a few bucket of balls at the driving range.  Some of us were pros others not so much but we had fun anyway!^^

On Sunday we had Jenson's baby blessing- we had so many friends and family come, we are SO blessed! I'll post more on that later.  After the blessing the Hunts went and took family pictures since the whole family was together again after 2 years!  When we came back from pictures there was a fire waiting for us- my favorite way to end the night! ^^

^^ Since all of our family was still in town we decided to all go to our favorite restaurant together, Grannie Annies!  I am so blessed that my family and babes family gets along so well and that we do things together,  we were only missing Kyron and Marshall in all. ^^

^^ Happy Memorial day!!^^

^^ We headed home that afternoon- such a relief to have Babe with us, flying is so much easier with him!^^
We couldn't of had a better time on our little vacation!  Thanks everyone who was a part of it, we love you all!!