Thursday, May 15, 2014

Utah Vacation!

I have the most amazing husband that lets me fly home and spend time with our families.  This time Jenson and I flew out about a week and a half before Babe will be coming.  Even though we have only been here for a few days we have already done so much stuff and have gotten to see so many people we love, we only wish Babe was here with us!  I talked Babe into letting me change my flight 3 days earlier so I could come to make it to my Karl's homecoming talk on mothers day, and to go to one of my best friends bridal shower.
We got into town around 10:00 am on Saturday and headed straight to provo for her bridal shower.  The rest of  the day was spend shopping, seeing family, watching a movie, and just hanging out!  
Sunday morning was another early one for us, our friend Brian was nice enough to take Jenson and I up to Inkom for Karl's homecoming, I LOVED catching up with him and laughing till I almost cried! Oh and Karl did a WONDERFUL job, he was such an amazing missionary, even if he can't really speak English anymore (He went to Japan!) All of Babes family was together at last, except him.  Jenson took his place in the sibling pictures though ;) After church we hung out at the house catching up with old friends for a while until we had to head back home so I could skype with Kyron (he is in California on his mission!)
Babe and I celebrated our Mothers day a week early because we knew I would be gone, but really I just got 2 mothers days-don't mind if I do! ;) I am so blessed to have Jenson and to be his mom he teaches me so much everyday!  
 Jenson with Addison and Kezman (his only other boy cousin on the Hunt side!)
(Not the best quality but no worries we are going to be taking family pictures with everyone as soon as Babe gets into town!!)
It is really important for me to make sure Jenson knows who his family is and who loves him most, even though they don't live close. I am making a book for everyone I can get a picture of so he can always remember how loved he is!  If I see you and forget to get your picture with him, please remind me!  
^^ Uncle Kyron meeting Jenson for the first time VIA Skype! We LOVE our Missionary Brother!^^

 ^ Monday we had a hair party and dyed and trimmed my hair, and cut Jenson's rat tail ;) Thanks Jillisa!! ^
 ^^ We can't forget the shopping with this happy boy!!^^
 ^^underwear are always optional when you want a nice breeze through your pants!^^
 ^^We even got to spend some time with Melissa and Kevin while taking wedding pictures!  This beautiful lady gets married next week!!^^

 ^^ I could seriously watch this boy sleep all day-if he slept all day!  I think he is finally getting on a routine since being here which means he is a lot happier! Hip Hip HOORAY!!^^

Stay tuned for even more fun adventures while we are on our vacation!  You could also follow me HERE just in case you can't wait to see more picture of this adorable little dude!  

Some more things to look forward to:
Girls night in
Birthday week
Melissa and Kevin's Wedding
Babe coming
Jenson's Baby Blessing

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  1. I LOVE your new hair! Maybe inspiring something in me too!