Thursday, May 31, 2012

picture update

 Lets be honest all you ever want to see is the pictures anyway... sorry I have been slacking!  Here is a quick picture update.
 Karl left for Japan on May 2nd (well the MTC)  so we had a nice little farewell party for him.
 After years of trying to get me to do something different with my hair I finally caved and Jillisa chopped my hair off...
 Matt has a love for motorcycles that I never really new about.  I thought it was only dirt bikes but boy was I wrong.  He even went in and got his motorcycle endorsement now all he has to do is take the driving test... JOY!
 We have got to spent lots of time with both our family's, mostly me since Matt is always on charters to Yellowstone.  Its been fun watching tiny tots sports!  Way to be Emma, Katelyn, and Auklin! :)
 May means birthdays at our house!  Which also means lots of cake! :) I was spoiled rotten for my birthday- we had a big party and even my in laws where there! :) Thanks everyone for everything!
 I just love being a aunt :)
 We went to Twin Falls for our friends graduation party.  I love Twin there is such cool places. This is called  Eastland park, it was beautiful you could walk right behind the waterfall!  

 Katelyn is a little princess like always and wanted everyone to make her things like a crown, necklace, rings, bracelets, earring etc... and we all did!  I made the crown :)
 Kanyin is adorable as every and walking around like crazy! :)
 In honor of Grandma Watson we had circus animal cookies for mothers day ( she always had taste tests to see if you could tell the difference between the pink and the white cookies), and went to visit their grave. :) We miss you grandma!

 Aunt Jillisa said that no one could go inside because there was monsters.  I told them that monsters don't smile when there picture was taken so we took everyone's picture to make sure they would all smile so I could show them that they are not monsters... haha it was fun to say the least!
 No monsters here! Just some really cute boys! :)
 I sure love this boy!
 For Moms birthday we made her a clock- okay mostly my mom made it but I was there every step of the way!  I am so thankful for 2 very talented mothers! :)
 Motorcycle rides are my favorite! :) On the family farm there is about 1600 acres of land which means there is LOTS of open beautiful spaces!  I love it up here! :)
 We even went riding while we were in Twin for a cousins homecoming! :) I don't mean to brag or anything but I just learned how to ride a bike like 3 weeks ago and I am pretty dang good- The only thing that scares me is going though the creeks, I can still do it without killing it or falling but my one leg always get soaking wet!  Its been going with Dad Hunt while Matt is away for work, and dad loves that someone is always willing to go with him- good bonding moment! :) 

 Emily and Earl 
 More pictures while motorcycle riding... not joke its sooooo pretty up here!! If you don't believe the pictures come see for yourself ill take you riding (horses or motorcycles you pick!)
 (Yes mom I ALWAYS wear a helmet!)
 Ashley and Amber came up for the weekend and we even taught them how to ride.  We went bike riding around the farm for a few hours and then thanks to uncle Sam we got to go horse back riding (scariest moment of my entire life... uncle Sam says I need to "get back on the horse" so he is going to take me again this week to show me that what happened wasn't supposed to happen and that horse back riding can actually be fun... ill let you know how it goes!)

 Scooby got bit by a rattle snake 3 years ago and his leg has never been the same, he used to be a racing horse but obviously can't now.  His leg just looks nasty but it doesn't hurt him so I guess all is well... Just strange!

 Sometimes I really like Matts job. Like days when we got to go to Lagoon for free :)  It was a fun day together- we only went on a few rides but we didn't really care cause hey it was free (and we were really sick of all the dumb seniors butting in line, and not just 1 or 2 kids it was always like 1-6 kids just jumping right in front of you... dumb.

 Marshell just finished his 6 day full body radiation and goes in for his transplant on June 1st.  Everyone has been sick lately so we stay clear of him which means we got to hang out with Amanda and Kezman all weekend! :)
 Matt has been gone a ton lately... this is how we see each other!  Thank goodness for facetime :) (and no his eye is normal it just looks funky in this picture)
 I like to think I am Bella's new best friend, she wouldn't leave my side all weekend :)  Sorry Karl but a new favorite is in town! :) hehehehe

Grandma and Ellie.  We had everyone here for memorial day weekend, we went on lots of rides, played lots of games, ate lots of food, and celebrated Moms birthday with yummmy dutch oven food- thanks Earl! :)  Well this pretty much brings us up to date!  Oh one more thing Matt and I are going to be Ma's and Pa's for our stake trek on June 7-9 :)  We are super excited!!  And it means that Matt is off work till June 14!  Its about time- Yahooooo for trek, and family vacations! :) Till next time...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I know I am really far behind on blogging and I will catch up eventually but today I just wanted to post a little something for all of the mothers in my life.

First off to my own mother, for making me who I am.  Being patient with me, supporting me, teaching me by example and words, sharing your testimony with me, raising me in the gospel, and for loving me each and everyday.  I don't know where I would be without you, you are my best friend.  I cherish the memory's we have together and am thankful for them. Thank you for being the best mother any one could ask for.  I am so lucky you are mine.
 Next to my amazing mother in law.  Thank you for raising such an amazing son, one who honors his priesthood and treats me like his queen.  I know he is the way he is because of you.  Your testimony, hard work, love for him. I have loved getting to spend so much time with you lately and being able to feel of your spirit everyday.  I couldn't have asked for better in laws, I am seriously the luckiest.

Now to all my sisters.  I look up to all of you so much to a mother who will do anything for her children even if it means you cannot be at home with them everyday like you would like.  And a sister who gives of her time to help others everyday, especially your little girl who can't do the normal things for herself.  I admire your strength in taking the cards you have been dealt and taking them head on.  I admire my sister who has to balance in between her husband and her sweet baby boy, and having to be brave when entering into the UN known.  For her ability to still smile in everything she is going though and make time to spend with her family and making every minute count.  I hope I can be the type of mother as my sister who chases around her 3 children daily and still makes time to play with them and show them that she loves them. And still be able to be one crafty woman! To my beautiful sister that will do anything for her family or anyone who asks things of her and can still manage to work, raise her boys, serve faithfully in her church callings, and make the most of everyday.  I admire my sister that is so talented and can do  anything she puts her mind to.  I admire how much of a hard worker she is with little time to spare but still makes time for her family and to help out wherever she can.  I admire how she is always changing her nieces and nephews diapers, even though she has no kids of her own!

I am also thankful today for all of my grandmas, aunts, neighbors, friends, leaders, and mentors that have blessed my life by your examples.  I  am grateful for our friendships and time we have spent together.  I am thankful for all of the women in my life today and want to make sure that they know that they are loved and appreciated.  I am also thankful for the knowledge of eternal families and for the chance to be with our loved ones forever. I am grateful for my angel grandmother that watches over me daily and even though I miss her everyday I am thankful for the time I got to spend with her and for all of the memory's that we have.  Like I said before I am one lucky lady to be surrounded by such beautiful, strong women in my life.  Thank you again for all you have and will do for me. 
(obviously there are WAY more women I am thankful for than in this picture below but I was in a hurry so my lovely sister could have the computer so I didn't have time to search for thousands of pictures so I only added some from our wedding!)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Matt loves going on charters because it gives him something new to look at on the roads and he gets to go do fun things with different people.  Well lately he had been going to Yellowstone with a few Chinese groups.  I could most likely go but that means I would I would be stuck in a bus with a bunch of non english speaking people for a few days and well I rather spend the time hanging out with my family!  But it sure makes me miss him a TON!  Charters bring in more money but also means less time together :(  It's going to be a long summer for me and my hard working man.