Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jenson 10 months old!

Each month flies by faster and faster- 10 months already? He is walking like a charm (when holding on to things.. only 1 step then fall on his own!)  He has 6 teeth, 3 on bottom 4 on top.  He takes about 2 mini naps a day. He goes to bed around 7 or 7 :30 and will wake up around 6:30/ 7ish- he is a GREAT sleeper, always has been.  He says "da da" and "ma ma"  and his new favorite trick, screaming!  Jenson is mr. independent!  He is eating lots of new foods his favorites so far are:
Green beans
And anything mom and dad are eating and will share

Likes: food, sparkly lights, blocks, playing chase, getting into things he shouldn't, mom and dad,  facetiming, reading books, being outside, to shake his head 'no'. loves drinking out sippy cups or dads water bottle.
Dislikes: nap time,  when he is out of food,  long  car rides,  getting "toys" taken away that he should have, diaper chances, cleaning his hands and face up after eating

^^ He sure is going to be a heart breaker!^^

We love you Jenson and your spunky crazy personality, I'm even getting used to his crazy red headed personality!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October I Phone Photo Dump

Pictures are worth a thousand words... enjoy! 

My best shopping buddy. Going on walks. Playing outside.  Fall Walks.  Deanna Rose Farmstead.  Trunk or Treat. More walks.  Park time.  Pumpkin patch.
 Playing with Hailey. Car rides. Little lion at the trunk or treat.  Family pictures. Temple date. Family selfie.  Cuddles outside. Halloween. Our little puppy, climbing up everywhere.
 Penguins at the zoo.  Walking. Park. Lunch date with dad. New carseat. Silly boy.  Watching How I Met You're Mother. Priesthood craft. Dressing up, mummy style.  
 Gorgeous sunrises. Consignment sale shopping.  Morning walks. Happy boy.  Food, food, food.  Bridges around our town. Waiting for Dad to come home. General Conference.  Target shopping. 
 Sorry if you follow me on Instagram and have already seen a lot of these, but I can't get enough of his little man of mine! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jenson's first Halloween!

I have a love hate relationship with Halloween.  My grandpa Watson passed away 5 years ago, on Halloween.  I remember that day so clearly, I can't believe it's been that long.  We spent the morning in bed while I told Jenson stories about his great grandpa, mostly his love for "beans" (M&M's) and his giant bear hugs.  Boy do I miss those hugs...  After we got ready for the day we hung out around the house till Babe got home from school.  

^^ My parents Halloween costume!^^

 Later that night we met up with some of our friends to go trick or treating, it was more of a social event for us since Jenson is still to little (but that didn't stop us from getting some candy!).  We even got a few full size candy bars-score! 

 It was a pretty cold night so Jenson's costume was perfect, and warm!  He had such a fun night, even got really hyper and couldn't stop laughing at his dad.  

 ^^ It's hard to not be the center of attention when you are as cute as he is! ;)^^

Cute Talon just wanted to ride Jenson all night!  Haha I guess he looked like a dog or horse or something ;)

Jenson went to bed in his cute little glow in the dark skeleton pjs as soon as we got home! Babe and I watched Robin Hood Man of Thieves while we ate Jensons candy and plenty of "beans" in Grandpa's honor! ;) 

A perfect first Halloween if I do say so myself!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Utah swim party

I forgot to mention our awesome pool party on my Utah vacation post, so I think it deserves it's own post! Can I just say how much Jenson loves the water!  This was his second time swimming and I am pretty sure he could have stayed in the pool all night long!  We also decided to make our pool party into a early birthday party for Babe.  

How could I pick just one photo when there is just to many cute ones?!  

^^ mmmm marshmallows over the fire, nothing better!^^
Happy early birthday! 

Another night well spend, oh how I miss those summer nights in Utah!