Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jenson 10 months old!

Each month flies by faster and faster- 10 months already? He is walking like a charm (when holding on to things.. only 1 step then fall on his own!)  He has 6 teeth, 3 on bottom 4 on top.  He takes about 2 mini naps a day. He goes to bed around 7 or 7 :30 and will wake up around 6:30/ 7ish- he is a GREAT sleeper, always has been.  He says "da da" and "ma ma"  and his new favorite trick, screaming!  Jenson is mr. independent!  He is eating lots of new foods his favorites so far are:
Green beans
And anything mom and dad are eating and will share

Likes: food, sparkly lights, blocks, playing chase, getting into things he shouldn't, mom and dad,  facetiming, reading books, being outside, to shake his head 'no'. loves drinking out sippy cups or dads water bottle.
Dislikes: nap time,  when he is out of food,  long  car rides,  getting "toys" taken away that he should have, diaper chances, cleaning his hands and face up after eating

^^ He sure is going to be a heart breaker!^^

We love you Jenson and your spunky crazy personality, I'm even getting used to his crazy red headed personality!  

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