Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October I Phone Photo Dump

Pictures are worth a thousand words... enjoy! 

My best shopping buddy. Going on walks. Playing outside.  Fall Walks.  Deanna Rose Farmstead.  Trunk or Treat. More walks.  Park time.  Pumpkin patch.
 Playing with Hailey. Car rides. Little lion at the trunk or treat.  Family pictures. Temple date. Family selfie.  Cuddles outside. Halloween. Our little puppy, climbing up everywhere.
 Penguins at the zoo.  Walking. Park. Lunch date with dad. New carseat. Silly boy.  Watching How I Met You're Mother. Priesthood craft. Dressing up, mummy style.  
 Gorgeous sunrises. Consignment sale shopping.  Morning walks. Happy boy.  Food, food, food.  Bridges around our town. Waiting for Dad to come home. General Conference.  Target shopping. 
 Sorry if you follow me on Instagram and have already seen a lot of these, but I can't get enough of his little man of mine! 

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