Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jenson's first Halloween!

I have a love hate relationship with Halloween.  My grandpa Watson passed away 5 years ago, on Halloween.  I remember that day so clearly, I can't believe it's been that long.  We spent the morning in bed while I told Jenson stories about his great grandpa, mostly his love for "beans" (M&M's) and his giant bear hugs.  Boy do I miss those hugs...  After we got ready for the day we hung out around the house till Babe got home from school.  

^^ My parents Halloween costume!^^

 Later that night we met up with some of our friends to go trick or treating, it was more of a social event for us since Jenson is still to little (but that didn't stop us from getting some candy!).  We even got a few full size candy bars-score! 

 It was a pretty cold night so Jenson's costume was perfect, and warm!  He had such a fun night, even got really hyper and couldn't stop laughing at his dad.  

 ^^ It's hard to not be the center of attention when you are as cute as he is! ;)^^

Cute Talon just wanted to ride Jenson all night!  Haha I guess he looked like a dog or horse or something ;)

Jenson went to bed in his cute little glow in the dark skeleton pjs as soon as we got home! Babe and I watched Robin Hood Man of Thieves while we ate Jensons candy and plenty of "beans" in Grandpa's honor! ;) 

A perfect first Halloween if I do say so myself!

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