Saturday, November 1, 2014

Babe's Half Marathon

A while back our good friend Travis talked Babe into running The Scout Strong half marathon with him.  He planned on training for it but he ended up having a crazy work/ school schedule (work from 4-7 then school till 5) He would get home, do homework, eat dinner and go to bed (thank goodness that schedule is over!) so he never really had a chance to train like he wanted. But because he is so awesome he still ran it!  He hurt his foot pretty bad and could hardly walk on it but he sucked it up and finished the race (even jogging through the finish line!  He says he got some crazy jolt of adrenaline or something because right after he could hardly walk. ) 
 Lindsay and I left a while after the boys so that we didn't have to entertain the kids for such a long time.  We judged our time a little wrong and couldn't find where to park so we were running late. Travis was a little a head of Babe when he called Lindsay and said that he was on the final lap.  I told her to run and I would bring the kids, she made it just in time to see him cross the finish line!  
We made our way down to the finish line and waited for Babe to finish!  

^^ It wasn't that cold but I couldn't help but put him in this adorable bear gown!^^

 I would say 3 hours is a pretty good time for being injured and not training a day- he's amazing!

 He did it!! I sure am proud of him!  

These are the pictures from their website:

 Before the race!  I am so glad they took this because we were not there to see them start!

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