Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Family Pictures

It's no secret I LOVE pictures, I love taking a moment in time and freezing it, a memory you will never forget.  Babe on the other hand is the exact opposite, but because he loves me he goes along with taking family pictures all the time (especially since Jenson changes so much in between each family picture!) Our amazing neighbor called me up wondering if we wanted to get our pictures done {um.. HECK YES!}  When Babe got  home I told him we were going to take pictures that night.  It worked out perfect because then he didn't have to dread it all day!  Win, win, win!! The only downside was Jenson was a TERD!  He didn't get a good nap in all day so he was a bit of a grump but she still made it work!  I guess it's just an excuse to take pictures again soon!
 Thanks Heidi for taking our pictures!  We love them!

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