Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Philadelphia Day 2-4

It may have taken Jenson a while to fall asleep but once he was out he was out for good.  We woke up, got ready, packed the car, and even had breakfast before we couldn't wait any longer and had to wake him up!  Back into the car we went... This day was spent driving all. day. long. we got to Philly around 6/7 ish ate dinner and went to bed.  Why does driving so much wear you out so bad? 
How was our car ride you ask?  
^^ lots of this...  and some of that>>
In all honesty Jenson did a lot better than I thought he would.  That hardest time was when he had to sleep but didn't want to because he knew we were all right there.  We sang lots of twinkle twinkle little star, and gave him LOTS to eat.  Oh and thank goodness for kid apps on our phone- life savers! 
^^ Kezman and Jenson, the only two boy cousins on the Hunt side- I'm sure Grandma Hunt loved hanging out with just her boy grand children instead of all the girls she normally sees {not that she doesn't love them though!} ^^ Kez even taught him all about his trains! :) 
The next few days we spent around the house and visiting Marshall at the hospital {the whole reason we went down there!  We LOVE YOU GUYS! You can follow along with how they are doing HERE and HERE} We took the ghetto way through town to get to the hospital and got to see some awesome parts of Philly, and plenty of cop cars! ;) Us ladies also went shopping at an awesome place called Forman Mills- this place was HUGE and I got some shirts there for only $3 :) score score score! 
The house they are staying at during their stay in Philly is called Nick's Home.  Their son died from cancer a few years ago and his parents started a foundation called HEADstrong- they are doing amazing things learn more HERE.  Their shop is located on the ground level of the house so we all went and got some awesome gear, and helped out a great cause!  :)  Not to mention the colors are awesome, so who wouldn't want to wear their stuff?
On Monday grandma and grandpa took the boys while Babe, Karl, Amanda, and I went to tour around downtown Philly.  Okay, major tourist here- I had my camera around my neck the whole time taking pictures and videos the whole time and my cell phone doing the same in the other hand.  Babe laughed at me and I am pretty sure he only took like 5 pictures on his phone the whole trip because he knew I would take pictures of everything. I just couldn't get enough of the tall buildings, the people and the beautiful city!  

^^ China town, I believe they said it is the 2nd biggest in the Us...^^

We decided the best way to see everything we wanted to see was to get on a bus tour.  We didn't go to down town till later in the day and so we didn't really have time to get off at all the stops and look around closer but it was enough for me.  Maybe some day we will go back and spend a few days but this was a great way to see everything we wanted to and more- and our tour guide was awesome and so we learned lots of cool things we wouldn't had if we didn't go!  So sorry if all the pictures you see (have seen) are blurry- they are all from the top of the bus! 
^^ Philly cheese stakes- we're in Philly after all!^^

^^ These building are just so cool!^^
^^ Anyone guess what movie made these steps famous? I'll give you a hint it starts with a R and ends with a OCKY ^^ ;)

The grave yard Benjamin Franklin is buried in.  Did you know he is the riches dead man- still making thousands of dollars (if not more).  For good luck people throw pennies on his grave, they use the all of the money for the upkeep of historical sites in Philly.  (I might not have said that all correctly, after all I was busy taking pictures the whole time- I wasn't listening that well!)
Did you know Benjamin Franklin was the first Post Master General? 
Recognize this building?  Ill give you another hint- it is where our Declaration of Independence was signed!

^^ This might be a stupid question but why does there need to be a guard by the Liberty Bell?  What's someone going to do try to take it?  Now this guy is in the picture with everyone... lame!  Oh and this is just from the window outside- the line to see the bell is like hours long {exaggerating... but really who has time for that?} and you can see it just as well {minus the lame guard}. 
The only problem with being on the top of the bus is all of the trees! :) ^^

After we got back we went to dinner at Nifty Fifty's {my dumb phone pooped out on me or something and I can't get any of the pictures from that night, I guess it was overworked ;)} 
That night we went back house and planned out our next day in NEW YORK CITY!!  
To save on space Babe, Karl, Jenson and I had our own hotel room while we were in Philly.  We would hang out at the house every night until it was time for bed.  Jenson was normally asleep in the pack in play in the other room.  When we decided that we were going to wake up  at 4:00 AM so we could make it to our bus on time, Amanda offered to just keep Jenson for the night so we didn't have to keep waking him up,  we were coming back to the house in the morning anyway for a ride to our bus so it worked out perfectly! {seriously people, she is amazing and the best mom and aunt around!} She also took care of him the whole next day while we were in NYC- but thats a story for another day, stay tuned!  

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