Sunday, October 19, 2014

Idaho- Vacation

I love going to my in laws house, way up the canyon out in the middle of no where- it's perfect!  I love the fresh open air, the quiet, and the acres and acres of open family land (perfect for 4 wheeler rides!)  
Jenson had his first ride and LOVED it!  He honestly didn't stop smiling the entire ride.  I sure love my cute boys!

 We celebrated this little cutie, Aubrey my adorable new niece.  We had an awesome baby shower and on sunday her dad gave her such a beautiful blessing!  

 Jenson and great grandpa McKee!
 We took lots of rides up on the farm, we just had to get in as much time as we could before we had to leave.  Like I said though, it's seriously perfect up there!  

 We went to the Idaho State Fair to watch our oldest niece Hailie preform with her tap dance team.  She sure is talented, it was so fun watching her.  She did so great!!  

 After the fair Grandpa Hunt showed us around his new Pocatello Transit building that he is the director over, such an awesome building!  We loved spending our time with all our families, there is no place like home!  

Idaho Video HERE
Nauvoo HERE
Philly HERE
New York HERE

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