Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jenson 9 months old

How weird is it that Jenson has now been out of me longer then he was in me... wow that went by a lot faster than my pregnancy!

Jenson now has 2, but almost 4 teeth!  He has his 2 bottom teeth and one coming in right next to those (half of it is through.. just working on the other half!) and one on the top.  I will have to admit I will be pretty sad when they do come through because I love his 2 teeth grin!  So cute! He loves to shake his head no- also adorable (okay what about him isn't?!)  most the time he will do it when you shake your head yes... haha.  He is turning out to be quite the mamas boys, I secretly love that he picks me over his daddy (most of the time) ;)  He says Ma ma all the time, were just working on da da now.  He LOVES theme songs to shows and will stop whatever he is doing to watch/listen.  His favorite is Curious George- he starts shaking his hands and feet and watches intently till it's over, then he doesn't really care.  
His favorite toys right now are Mardi Gras beads, you know the cheap little ones they always throw out at parades.  Yeah, he LOVES them- cheap, small, quiet, just the way I like it!  He also loves cars, books, balls, and pop up toys.  Mr. Potato head is another favorite even though I think he really just likes the bucket they are in... He is getting really good at walking with his little toy- and loves walking around with you holding his hands.  He is a pro at getting up on things (and getting down!).  He has to close any doors that are open, and loves standing at the screen door looking outside! He still loves his bouncer and play table toy which can keep him entertained for quite some time, perfect for letting me get some things done also.  He is our little puppy, always at your feet, climbing up you, wanting to be held (until he is then he wants to get down...) Doing the dishes and making dinner is almost an impossible task with him constantly at your feet!  He loves playing peek a boo and tag- he will chase you around and around the table just laughing, he is fast too.  I don't know how babies can crawl for so long, my knees start to kill after a few minutes of playing on the ground, but it's totally worth it to see how he reacts!  
This might seem mean but Jenson doesn't get scared because we scare him so much- he just laughs.  It's pretty funny to watch.  He is a screamer- his new favorite noise.  Ugh.  He loves to eat, I am at a loss as to what "real" food to start feeding him so we will just give him a taste of ours every now and then.  He mostly has baby food, puffs, cheetos (baby ones tomato basil flavored, but they are actually really good!) and yogurt bites.   I always have to have them near by because that is a sure way of how to get him to stop crying ;) He eats about 6-7 oz a bottle.  In the morning he finished a 7 oz but the rest of the day it's hit and miss on how much he will eat from his bottle... always keeping us on our toes- he is completely in charge and he lets us know that everyday!  
Nap time is hard on both of us but he gets a good nap every once in a while.  He has about 3 short naps every day (1 hour to 1 1/2 hours, maybe 2 hours if I'm lucky).  He goes to bed around 7/ 7:30 and sleeps till around 6:30/ 7ish every morning.  Jenson sure does bring a whole new level of excitement into our lives, thats for sure.  I don't know what we would do without our little Spit Fire.  
We have an appointment in a week or so so I don't know his exact stats but when I weighed him last he was 19.6lbs and he is probably about 29 or so inches.  

Likes:  playing the piano, eating, being outside, swinging (he screams when you take him out...), water (he is a pro at his sippy cup!),  musical toys, cords, door stops, eating anything and everything, brushing his teeth, reading books, giving high 5's, his new big boy carseat!   

Dislikes: nap time, changing diaper, coming inside,  mixed veggies, getting dressed (mostly just his shirts), the sun in his eyes (but it makes him sneeze and it's so funny!)
  I finally gave up and let him eat leaves... it wasn't worth the screaming fit every time I took it away!
 I told you... he is obsessed with those beads!

 We love you Jenson Matthew, thank you for filling our lives with so much joy!

Jenson's 9 month stats from Dr. appointment on 11-11-14:
Weight: 21lbs 6.5oz (76%)
Height: 28.4 (44%)
Head:18.4 (89%)


  1. Oh my goodness!! He is too cute!! He's gonna beat Ben to talking...go Jenson!

  2. I just want to come play with him! So cute! I think a girls weekend is in order!! I'll fly out there and we can play! How does that sound????!!!