Sunday, October 5, 2014

Idaho Video

This is the last video of our trip- does that mean I have to post pictures now?  We were only in Idaho for a few days and most of it consisted of hanging out around the house and going on some much needed/wanted 4 wheeler/ motorcycle rides.  To say I love it up on the farm would be a major understatement.  I can't get enough of the crisp mountain air, the open space, and being with my family.  Some day we will have a vacation home here so remote you can only get to it with a 4 wheeler in the summer and snow mobile in the winter {we dream big!} We also got to get a private tour of the new transportation facility in Pocatello- we kind of have a huge in with the director {Thanks dad!}.  We sure love Idaho- till next time!

Now lets see if I can actually catch up on blogging this week... ;)

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