Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trunk or Treat 2014

This was our first year going to a trunk or treat so we decided to go all out, but it was actually really easy!  Holidays with kids are so much better!  
 We were pretty proud of our car decorating skills, I also loved all the people who were taking pictures of it, so I took pictures of them! ;)  
 ^^ I spy a little lion eating a bottle!^^
Our first trunk or treat, we set our bar kind of high!  Also note to self, buy more candy so you don't run out!  
 ^^ I sure love my two boys!^^

 ^^ Those teeth... oh they kill me!^^
 ^^ Beauty and the Beast! sorta... hahah^^
Last weekend was in the 80's- Jenson was so hot and sweaty in his costume he we took him out of it!  But seriously 70+ degrees in October?  I secretly wished it was cooler, I was sweating like a mad woman! 

 We won the award for the "princess and the Frog" car!  :)  we were pretty proud!  

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