Monday, October 6, 2014

Nauvoo- Day 1

Wow look who is finally posting about their summer! {high's for me!} 

Babe's dad and brother, Karl got to our house late on Wednesday.  The next morning we finished packing the car and headed out for PA bright and early.  We knew we couldn't make it the whole in one day with a 6 month old {lets be honest, I couldn't make it...;)} so we stopped for a afternoon in Nauvoo.  I had been here when I was little but didn't really remember that much, and babe had never been so I we were pretty excited to go!  We met up with some friends from Inkom {thanks Wright's!} that are serving a mission there right now.  So we got our own private tour around all the church history sites- soo awesome!  
When we first drove into town the first thing we saw was the beautiful temple up on the hill so we headed there very first!  

 ^^ I promise you Jenson is so happy to be out of the car... the sun is just shining bright!^^
 When your back if facing the temple you see this awesome statue and the view of half the town!  It is so pretty there, we want to go back so bad! Anyone up for a trip?! 

^^ I spy Karl^^

Next we went to see old town Nauvoo- Post office, town hall, blacksmith, tin smith, browning house {as in guns not chocolate... found that out the hard way}, family living center, Brigham Young's home etc... Seriously you just have to go- you won't regret it!  

^^ The view of the temple from the town hall dance room! ^^
Oh and 200 points for my amazing husband who carried around Jenson in the 100+ percent humidity- we went on the hottest it had been all summer {lucky us!}  

This place was awesome, teaches you how they did things back then {making bread, candles, rugs, rope, barrels, etc...) side note all of the rugs you see in the houses, minus a few of the extra long ones were made here!  

^^ These buildings, brick sidewalks, trees, and flowers everywhere- I totally could live in a town like this!^^

They  told us a story at the browning house, that when they were planting the garden they found what seemed to be a casket buried there.  They say it was the daughter that died when she was a baby- they put the white picket fence up out of respect for her. {chills! I spy the temple!}
^^Massive spider hanging out in the water well^^
^^ My sweet boys, I sure am lucky!^^

^^ Just look at that soaking wet/ sweat hair- poor baby!  Good thing they updated the houses with, once again thanks Elder Wright {who happens to be over the heating and air!} ^^

^^ I loved all the time Jenson got to spend with his grandpa and Uncle Karl, they are just so cute together!^^

^^ In Brigham Young's home, where they held counsels as apostles.  This is the same rode the pioneers came in on- goes all through town!  Soo cool!^^ 

^^ You can't really tell but clear in the back ground is the Mississippi River! and can we just talk about how freaken sexy that man is right there!? I am so lucky!^^
Some of the {free} souvenirs they gave us!   They made us this awesome mini horse shoe to show us the process in the blacksmith shop.  The mini rings are my favorite.  Obviously the Pioneers didn't have jewelry shops along the plains so when they wanted to get engaged they would make these nail rings to give to their significant other!  Not pictured is also our Nauvoo Brick from, you guessed it the brick layer! :)

My favorite house was Lucy Mack Smith's she was such an incredible women, the spirit was so strong there I didn't want to leave {also it felt much better inside then it did outside!}

Thanks again for our awesome tour! And seriously, look how happy Jenson is! :)
Next we headed to Liberty Jail- another favorite!  

If I was to do this day over again I would have gone here first so Jenson would have actually been happy.  It had been a long hot day and the poor boy didn't get a real nap the whole day so he got pretty grumpy here.  We made it past the video and into the house, heard a few awesome stories that made me get the chills all over.  As soon as we were going to head up stair Jenson decided he was done, to keep the spirit in the home/ jail I took him outside.  As soon as the door shut behind me and we were outside he was all smiles- stinker!  I did get to sneak upstair for a quick second before the next tour came through though!  

Even outside though there was such a strong spirit, and in a strange way I cherish that time spent with my little boy!

Did you know that the door that is in the jail is the exact same door that the mobs shot through and killed Hyrum Smith?  Yup, this is the view from the outside looking through the bullet hole to the window that Joseph Smith Fell through. {can you say powerful?!}

I want to go back so bad! Maybe we will make it a new summer tradition- it is only 4 hours from our house! winner winner chicken dinner! 

After Liberty Jail we got back in the car and drove till we got to Indiana, where we stayed for the night.  That was a interesting night all sharing a room- Jenson wanted to stay up and party with all of us so he refused to go to bed until we all did.  He also refused to go to bed in the pack in play we brought so he spent the night in our bed {thank you king size bed! Which was about the only good thing in that ghetto hotel! And by good I mean the size of the bed, not the comfort level...}  I guess you get what you pay for though, I'm just glad we didn't find any bed bugs {that we saw...}
The next day we woke up early again just to hop in the car and continue our loooong drive {it ended up being about 12 hours...}
Stay tuned for the rest of the trip, and a ton more pictures! 

If you missed the Nauvoo video check that out HERE

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