Saturday, April 30, 2016


We headed back to Utah for the last week of vacation!  

waxing our hands! 
Babe and I left Jenson with my parents for the night while we went to go meet up with some friends!  My dad sent me this picture and said they told him he could either go to bed or come cuddle with grandpa and watch a show- you can see what he picked!  haha sooo cute!

Crazy to think just a few years ago we were all roommates!  Boy has life changed, but I am glad our relationships have stayed the same!  I am so thankful for these friends of mine (missing Drew and Ashley who was home waiting to have a baby! And Emily who was traveling abroad) This was the first time in almost 5 years we were all together again at the same time! 
They made me branch out and try some Indian food- it was surprisingly really good!  We might have to branch out more! 

Friday, April 22, 2016


We headed to Idaho for a week, a week full of "rides"- Jenson's favorite part!
I can't get enough of it up there in Inkom.  The open space, fresh air, wild life, family farm, and motorcycle rides with my family- pure joy! 
Cutest little throwback! 

Going for walks around the farm!

We spent a few days in Kimberly with Emily and Earl.  While we were there we went to see our good friends Drew and Ashley who also live there.  We just happened to be there on the same day Lindsay and Travis were there visiting also so Jenson and Hailey got to play together! 

Some of my favorite roommates (sorry it's blurry!)  I love that I feel like I am just one of their sisters too- even if I got the tall genes! haha

I love driving down the canyon in Twin Falls!  Such a pretty place! 

I am pretty sure we went on multiple rides a day every day- Jenson was in HEAVEN, that was for sure his happy place! 

This is what happens when you mostly only have girl Hunt cousins (totally opposite from the Craven side!) 
Jenson and I's first time going to the Mckee pet store!  His favorite were the fish- we might just have to get some!  

Kissing cousins- these two were so fun to watch play together.  I wish we were closer so they could grow up together, they would be best friends!  Good thing they will always be cousins- forced best friends! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Temple Square

For FHE we decided to go down to temple square and check out all the flowers.  That place is always so beautiful-no matter what time of year!  

We took some grandkid pictures while there so that we didn't have to worry about it the next week during family pictures! 

"Temple! Temple! Temple!"- music to my ears! 

^^ My adorable nephew Kanyin.  I handed my phone to Kasey to take a picture and after I got my phone back I found about 50+ pictures that looked similar to this ^^

Some of my very favorite ladies!!