Thursday, April 14, 2016

Utah Bound!

I was not planning on flying out to Utah before Babe was out of school- I did NOT want to buy Jenson a plane ticket! But I already had a ticket I didn't use from back in November so we only had to buy 1 ticket.  We said it was worth it to buy Jenson the ticket so that we could let Babe study for finals in peace.  I was really stressed about how Jenson would do, I knew he would not want to just sit on the plane so I brought his carseat (which was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be!).  It was so nice to have him contained.  He even slept the entire second flight!  It was such a game changer for sure- best choice ever!

We can't start out a vacation without haircuts from our favorite stylist! 
Jenson warmed up so much faster this trip- I think it was because he had just been with my family a few weeks ago!  Cuddles with Grandma while watching the Minion movie are our favorite!
^^ We also got to see Grandma and Grandpa Great!  We love when they come to visit! ^^
Kyron had a dance party at school- I am pretty sure he had the best costume there, even if we did stay up way to late to help him put it together! 
^^ Snow?! ^^

^^ Baby shower for my cousin means some quality girl time with these favorite sisters and mom of mine! ^^
^^ Jenson loved running all around the house and playing "tag" with all of his cousins! ^^

I can't even tell you how many Sundays we would line up on these stairs and have to take a picture together- they are some of my favorites so of course I made Jenson do it! 

^^ Jenson loves helping grandpa with is garden! ^^
^^ "Bentley sad?"  Jensons favorite phrase.. haha  always looking out for his little cousin!^^
^^ Jillisa and I went to one of Kyrons YSA dances that he was the DJ for!  Dancing around like I was a teenager again.. my body sure isn't the same it used to be! I left limping from pain haha but totally worth it!^^
Giving G& G great kisses good bye!
Every year for my birthday I wanted rice pudding.. but since my mom and I were one of the only ones who actually liked it I stopped asking for it.  We had some left over rice from dinner the night before so my mom made me some rice pudding for lunch- pretty much everyone ate some saying "I like it" haha  I knew it!
When Babe got into town we went to Amandas house for her birthday!  All us girls went and got pedis while the boys watched all the kids!  Such a fun outing!

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