Monday, March 26, 2012

12 random things

I am going to take the challenge from my sister to post 12 random/strange things about myself...
1. I HATE taking pills, I can't smell them or I gag, I can't taste them or ill gag, I have to have water in my mouth and then swallow the pills with the water. Most the time I just don't take the pills, it's just not worth it!  
 2. I normally make my bed right before I am about to sleep in it.  I hate making my bed in the morning but I can't sleep in a UN made bed. 
3. I love popping zits and blackheads... when I shared a bathroom with Jillisa we would see who's zits gushed the most and could get on the mirror. Gross I know!   
4. I hate reading and can count the number of books I have read on two hands.  When I was little I had a hard time reading so and now its more of a self conscious thing I think. 
5. I love childhood things, night games, fairs, parades, fireworks, coloring etc... 
6. I never really learned how to read clocks but I always have to have a watch on.  I can read them if you give me time, I just prefer digital clocks (even though I don't have any digital watches...)
7. We do this thing in my family called "pinch ya butt"  I am not sure how this got started but for some reason we always pinch each others butts, mostly while walking up the stairs...
8. I practice different facial expressions and ways to stand when I am getting ready, it helps me know if I look stupid doing something that I didn't realize I was doing...
9. I love popping my knuckles, and I have to do it in a certain way, and after all of those are popped I pop my back and then my neck.
10. I can't spell... Its just something I have never mastered. 
11. I hate that awkward moment when you walking down the street and you see someone that you know but you are not really friends with them or don't want to talk to them, so I avoid it by pretending that I am talking to someone on my cell phone. 
12. I also hate going anywhere by myself and will wait the whole day for something I really need so that Matt can go with me when he gets back from work! (if no one else can go with me by then)
13.  If you haven't figured out by now I love taking/being in pictures... :) 
A little confession... it wasn't hard to find all of these pictures- I guess you could say I am obsessed! hehehe :)
I challenge you now, whats random about you?! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

opinions needed...

So Matt and I have been on this house high... We got talking one day about how cool it would be to have a house and now we can't get it out of our minds.  We went on the search today for all the houses that had for sale signs on them (we were inspired by some friends ;) hahah).  Side note- if you are not ready to buy, don't look.  I want a house so bad now but I know there is a lot more to it than just that.  We are trying weighing pros and cons and trying to figure out the rest of our lives.We have been talking to lots of people and would love your insight as well.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?  Help... we are marking on new territory here and its a happy/scary moment.  We know we are going to be here for a few years at least- 3 or more, and I kinda feel like if we spent money on a house then we are not just wasting money renting something that will never be our own.  We are really liking this one house too... seriously don't go looking if you can buy one right away lol Anyway like I said we would love any input you have!  This is mostly just a dream right now, but one day it will happen.  Yup. One day! :)

Over her head

Thursday, March 15, 2012

As promised...

 Chelsi did an amazing job... like always!!  Here are a few of my favorite :) 
 Amanda, Marshell, and Kezman
 I just love their hats!
 Karl- he is leaving May 2nd to Kobe, Japan mission!  We love you Karl! 
 Sam- Sam just got back from the North Carolina, Charlotte mission! (P.s my Uncle Ron and aunt Becky just got called as the new mission presidents for that exact mission! Congrats guys! We love you!!) 
 Earl, Emily, Emma, and Ellie... I just noticed right now that they all start with an "E" hahah

 This is in my top favorites! :) 
 Jason, Melissa, Hailie, Bella, and Addison :)

 Our adopted Indonesia brother Ronga (he their exchange student while he goes to Marsh Valley HS) 
 I know this isn't a "Hunt" picture but I just love these boys!
 Emma- what a cutie!!
 Ellie- she was a little cold but we got some smiles!! :)  I just love her :)

 Mom and Dad Hunt :) 

This one was for Marshell! :)  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Been a while I know but seriously life is crazy!  I think this will be the first weekend in who knows how long that we actually get to spend it at home!!  We are going to tackle our bonus room to make room for Mindy, Mike, and kids to come in April!! :) Soooo stoked!  Anyway it seems like the only time I can find to blog is right before my class... so here I am.

This last weekend we went to Boise on a charter that Matt was driving for.  It was the a TSA convention there so he took up the Jr. High and High school kids from Idaho Falls.  Can I just say I am so glad to be out of high school, and married!  Let just say those kids were angels, to put it nicely they were teenagers!  hahaha but I got to spend Saturday with my cousin Rachel and play aunt for the day with her two little girls :)  So basically we got paid to go on vacation- everything paid for! :)  It was a nice break, but now back to lesson plans, callings (They dissolved the old primary presidency because everyone moved, so guess who the new president is... :) yup me!) , and trying to get my house back in order!  But on a positive note I teach on Monday on coach buses, and Matt gets to come and we are going for a ride around campus with all the kids, I am pretty excited!!  Not much has happened lately, besides spending lots of time with family :)  We also took Hunt family pictures and when I have more time i'll post some of those :)  Have a great day!
Ps.. I have lots of pictures to show but ever since I got my phone its just easier to use that for a camera so I have to figure out how to get all those 1,012 or so pictures on my computer!