Thursday, March 15, 2012

As promised...

 Chelsi did an amazing job... like always!!  Here are a few of my favorite :) 
 Amanda, Marshell, and Kezman
 I just love their hats!
 Karl- he is leaving May 2nd to Kobe, Japan mission!  We love you Karl! 
 Sam- Sam just got back from the North Carolina, Charlotte mission! (P.s my Uncle Ron and aunt Becky just got called as the new mission presidents for that exact mission! Congrats guys! We love you!!) 
 Earl, Emily, Emma, and Ellie... I just noticed right now that they all start with an "E" hahah

 This is in my top favorites! :) 
 Jason, Melissa, Hailie, Bella, and Addison :)

 Our adopted Indonesia brother Ronga (he their exchange student while he goes to Marsh Valley HS) 
 I know this isn't a "Hunt" picture but I just love these boys!
 Emma- what a cutie!!
 Ellie- she was a little cold but we got some smiles!! :)  I just love her :)

 Mom and Dad Hunt :) 

This one was for Marshell! :)  

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