Monday, March 26, 2012

12 random things

I am going to take the challenge from my sister to post 12 random/strange things about myself...
1. I HATE taking pills, I can't smell them or I gag, I can't taste them or ill gag, I have to have water in my mouth and then swallow the pills with the water. Most the time I just don't take the pills, it's just not worth it!  
 2. I normally make my bed right before I am about to sleep in it.  I hate making my bed in the morning but I can't sleep in a UN made bed. 
3. I love popping zits and blackheads... when I shared a bathroom with Jillisa we would see who's zits gushed the most and could get on the mirror. Gross I know!   
4. I hate reading and can count the number of books I have read on two hands.  When I was little I had a hard time reading so and now its more of a self conscious thing I think. 
5. I love childhood things, night games, fairs, parades, fireworks, coloring etc... 
6. I never really learned how to read clocks but I always have to have a watch on.  I can read them if you give me time, I just prefer digital clocks (even though I don't have any digital watches...)
7. We do this thing in my family called "pinch ya butt"  I am not sure how this got started but for some reason we always pinch each others butts, mostly while walking up the stairs...
8. I practice different facial expressions and ways to stand when I am getting ready, it helps me know if I look stupid doing something that I didn't realize I was doing...
9. I love popping my knuckles, and I have to do it in a certain way, and after all of those are popped I pop my back and then my neck.
10. I can't spell... Its just something I have never mastered. 
11. I hate that awkward moment when you walking down the street and you see someone that you know but you are not really friends with them or don't want to talk to them, so I avoid it by pretending that I am talking to someone on my cell phone. 
12. I also hate going anywhere by myself and will wait the whole day for something I really need so that Matt can go with me when he gets back from work! (if no one else can go with me by then)
13.  If you haven't figured out by now I love taking/being in pictures... :) 
A little confession... it wasn't hard to find all of these pictures- I guess you could say I am obsessed! hehehe :)
I challenge you now, whats random about you?! 

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