Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Been a while I know but seriously life is crazy!  I think this will be the first weekend in who knows how long that we actually get to spend it at home!!  We are going to tackle our bonus room to make room for Mindy, Mike, and kids to come in April!! :) Soooo stoked!  Anyway it seems like the only time I can find to blog is right before my class... so here I am.

This last weekend we went to Boise on a charter that Matt was driving for.  It was the a TSA convention there so he took up the Jr. High and High school kids from Idaho Falls.  Can I just say I am so glad to be out of high school, and married!  Let just say those kids were angels, to put it nicely they were teenagers!  hahaha but I got to spend Saturday with my cousin Rachel and play aunt for the day with her two little girls :)  So basically we got paid to go on vacation- everything paid for! :)  It was a nice break, but now back to lesson plans, callings (They dissolved the old primary presidency because everyone moved, so guess who the new president is... :) yup me!) , and trying to get my house back in order!  But on a positive note I teach on Monday on coach buses, and Matt gets to come and we are going for a ride around campus with all the kids, I am pretty excited!!  Not much has happened lately, besides spending lots of time with family :)  We also took Hunt family pictures and when I have more time i'll post some of those :)  Have a great day!
Ps.. I have lots of pictures to show but ever since I got my phone its just easier to use that for a camera so I have to figure out how to get all those 1,012 or so pictures on my computer!

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