Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Vacations

SO we have been pretty busy lately, mostly on vacation which has been fun but we are ready for school to start and get back to a more normal schedule!  Here is a quick recap of life as of lately more picturess less words.  Enjoy! 

Matt and I went on our first vacation alone this summer, I was kinda sad to not be going with all of our family  but we had so much fun!  The ride to Oregon was about 12 hours so we got to have a lot of one on one time  to talk and catch up on life and to listen to Hunger Games the series :)   

 We went to Oregon to visit a good friend.  While Matt was on his mission he met Sis. Hopkins she was 90 when Matt baptized her and ever since then has been really good friends with her.  We finally set up a time to go down and visit her.  She is the cutest old lady every, so caring and spoiled us like crazy!   She kept telling me that she had "adopted" Matt a long time ago and is the son she never got to have.
 While there we got to sight see, Crater lake is stunning!  

 Dee Hopkins (we decided we would name a child after her when we have one! well at least a middle name!)  

After coming back from Oregon we had a few days and then back on vacation, a paid vacation!  Matt was asked to go on a charter to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Devils Tower, and Idaho Falls.  We were with a group of Armenian people (even though they all live in Cali.)  It was an adventure that was for sure, they were a LOUD group of people but very nice and very loving! 

 Finally marked something off my bucket list!

 We stayed in Deadwood one night, it was such a fun town!  We even stayed in the Franklin Hotel, tons of famous people have stayed there as well :) NBD

After returning home from the charter Matt went on another trip to Yellowstone with a different group of Chinese people, So I am here in Layton until he gets back.  My parents and aunts and uncles are on a vacation in Ashton, Kyrons at EFY and so I am here alone :(  But it means lots of  time with my cute niece and nephews, and that means the zoo!

 The polar bear was a total show off haha he kept pushing off the glass then doing a flip, diving under the water and doing the same thing over and over again! hahaha it was so cool!

Today was such a good day, it was an overcast day and all the animals were out.  Even the tiger was hanging out in the water, I have never seen that before!

 Train ride!

I also think I should mention Matt and I found an apartment!  We can move in anytime after tomorrow!! :) I can't wait to be back in school, Matt will not be driving during school so we get to spend everyday together without Matt being in Utah everyday as well! :) whoot whoot!! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

work work work...

That's all Matt ever does... I know it's because he is not lazy (which I love) and is a good provider but boy do I miss him when he is gone.  He is always in Yellowstone doing charters with Chinese people... How about they tour their own country and let me spend some time with the love of my life? yeah?  I think its a good idea ;) haha But when Matt is gone it means that I get to do the awkward outing to meet members of his family-without him. Its really not THAT bad but still it still bites without him being there. We get the chance to go to Oregon on the 10-13 to visit an old lady (seriously like a 96 year old) that he baptized on his mission (she was 90 at the time- SWEET!) she moved there once her husband died.  Matt keeps in good touch with her and she really wants to meet me so we decided its better now than later- who knows how long she will be around for right?  We are really excited!  So is she she wants us to meet her friends, taking us to dinner, and she is even paying for our hotel for the 3 nights.  I am mostly excited to spend so much time with Matt :)  Welp ill update pictures when we get back! :) Try not to be to jealous :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sister Bedke

This is for all of my friends that know Ashley... As you know she is now in the MTC leaving soon for Knoxville and I thought I would pass around her URL to her blog in case you wanted to stay updated on how she is doing!  its http://tennesseeneedsashley.blogspot.com/ Just like any missionary she also loves to get letters so if you think about it here is all of her MTC info (I just use Dearelder.com, if you have not heard about it before if you write a letter to her before noon the MTC will print it off, put it in a envelope and give it right to her that day!  Oh and its FREEE!  so write her because I know it would mean so much to her!)
Sister Ashley Bedke
MTC mailbox #150
Tn-Knox (mission code for dearelder)
0710 (estimated time leaving the MTC)
2005 N 900 E Provo, Ut 84604-1793


Sister Ashley Anne Bedke
Tennessee Knoxville mission
11320 Station West Dr ste 101 Farragut,
TN 37934 United States