Friday, July 6, 2012

work work work...

That's all Matt ever does... I know it's because he is not lazy (which I love) and is a good provider but boy do I miss him when he is gone.  He is always in Yellowstone doing charters with Chinese people... How about they tour their own country and let me spend some time with the love of my life? yeah?  I think its a good idea ;) haha But when Matt is gone it means that I get to do the awkward outing to meet members of his family-without him. Its really not THAT bad but still it still bites without him being there. We get the chance to go to Oregon on the 10-13 to visit an old lady (seriously like a 96 year old) that he baptized on his mission (she was 90 at the time- SWEET!) she moved there once her husband died.  Matt keeps in good touch with her and she really wants to meet me so we decided its better now than later- who knows how long she will be around for right?  We are really excited!  So is she she wants us to meet her friends, taking us to dinner, and she is even paying for our hotel for the 3 nights.  I am mostly excited to spend so much time with Matt :)  Welp ill update pictures when we get back! :) Try not to be to jealous :)

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